Singer/Songwriter Niyati Handa Drops New Afro-Pop Single, ‘For You’

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter and composer Niyati Handa casts out her latest work, ‘For You,’ a dancehall and afro-pop single featuring multi-genre DJ/producer AFTERAll.

‘For You’ shuffles between Niyati’s passionate vocals and AFTERAll’s ensemble of beats. The song is a rhythmic dance tune with Hindi lyrics, which, according to the singer, is an uplifting message to bickering lovers. Crafted in under a week and puffing out groovy textures, soothing melodies, afro-pop, and electronic dance beats, Niyati said, “It’s a sweet-simple song with beautiful melody & hummable lyrics. You can play it in the club while traveling or just chilling at home.”

Digging deeper into the track, Niyati explained, “For You is a song for all the lovers who fight like cats & dogs but never give up on each other. It’s about letting go of petite issues in a relationship & forgiving each other. This song was made from my personal experience and by observing other couples.”

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We quizzed the singer-songwriter on how her songwriting process unfolds; she elaborated, “I love doing experimental tracks. This was the easiest to create for me, the composition/ lyrics, everything was literally flowing from my pen to my notebook. While I was working on the lyrics, he (AFTERAll) was focusing on the production part simultaneously.”

Niyati also touched on collaborating with AFTERALL, cheerfully remarking, “It has been a fun journey for us. The best part is (that) we both are extremely creative when it comes to doing the visual & poster part, so we both have been equally involved in everything from start to end.”

‘For You’ is Niyati’s third 2023 release, following ‘Sohneya‘ and ‘Vekh Leh.’ The latter, Niyati’s second release this month, is an R&B Punjabi single on which she banded together with musician Shreya Sharma. Niyati wrote and composed the piece, which marks Sharma’s first independent release.

Listen to ‘For You’ by Niyati Handa and AFTERALL: HERE

Find Niyati Handa on: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube Music | Apple Music 

AFTERAll on: InstagramSoundcloud | YouTube | Apple Music

Feature Image courtesy of the Niyati Handa.

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