Shrae Releases New Bluesy Soul Single, ‘Strawberry Pancakes’

Singer-songwriter Shrae has shared her second single ‘Strawberry Pancakes,’ an almost five-minute melody delicately dishing out elements of R&B, blues, neo-soul, and jazz that spotlight endometriosis.

Over a year after dropping her debut single ‘A Game For Two,’ Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, performer, and educator Shrea Suresh aka Shrae releases a sonically captivating track, ‘Strawberry Pancakes.’ Carefully laced with rhythmic guitar work and soothing keyboard tones to elevate Shrae’s vocal commands, the artist worked with music producer/guitarist Raag Sethi and musicians Kandarp Kavishwar and Shivang Kapadia to bring ‘Strawberry Pancakes’ to its fruition.

Famed for her vocals with Jazz ensembles Jazzafools and Agla Station Jazz, Shrae claims that because she is a songwriter, “it is a blessing for her to be able to express difficult emotions through song rather than through speech.” The artist chose painkillers as her subject when attempting object writing as a songwriting exercise since it was the subject that was intimately tied to her life at the time. Shrae holds the song in high regard since it captures her struggle with a chronic condition she was diagnosed with at the age of nineteen.
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We delved into ‘Strawberry Pancakes’ with the singer-songwriter, who discussed the single, the recording crew, and what she hopes a lister will take away from it. Shrae mentions, “The song is produced by Raag Sethi, my go-to person. I loved working with him on my previous single ‘A Game for Two’ and decided to stick to the same crew. He also played the lead guitar and bass on this one.”

Talking about the recording process, Shrae says, “I flew down to Ahmedabad to Compass Box Studio where Raag operates from. We recorded for 3 days straight, first the vocals, then the drums, and everything else came after. It was so much fun because we added so many things spontaneously and it just somehow worked.”

Shrae concludes by stating, “I hope it brings some kind of awareness in any little way possible and gives people with this or similar condition like ‘endometriosis’ a voice. Just like my last song, this one is also “Genre Fluid” as it has elements of pretty much every kind of music that I cherish, a little bit of jazz, a whole lot of soul, and some blues (quite literally).”

Listen to ‘Strawberry Pancakes’ by Shrae: HERE

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