Mim Jensen’s New Single ‘The Colour Blue’ Channels a Heavier Tune

Christchurch-based singer/songwriter Mim Jensen unleashes a heavier, alternative-rock, grunge-esque sound on her third single, ‘The Colour Blue.’ The five-minute melody is a follow-up to Mim’s highly appreciated singles ‘Pause Button‘ and ‘Germaphobe.’ The song serves as a precursor to Jensen’s upcoming EP ‘Emotional Affair,’ slated to release in August 2023.

As soon as you tap the play button, ‘The Colour Blue’ hits listeners with a catchy alternative rock, grunge energy-fueled synth, guitar, and drum arrangements. A sonic step away from the musician’s previous releases, the song is plugged with nuanced lyrics, soaring guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and the ideal drops of synth patterns. Mim’s vocal prowess is on full display as she passionately delivers notes, seamlessly complementing the music.

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Deemed “the most passionate single from the ?tautahi based artist to date,” ‘The Colour Blue’ talks about people deserving the need to be seen and understood. “Don’t settle for anything less,” said the artist, explaining the message behind the track. “I wrote ‘The Colour Blue’ nearly five years ago, so to finally release it out into the world feels so good like I’m finally letting go of that time in my life,” she added.

Along with the upcoming EP release on August 11, 2023, the singer-songwriter is slated to link up with Australian four-piece indie rock band Teenage Dads on their tour of New Zealand in October this year.

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We reached out to Mim Jensen to dive a bit further into the makings of ‘The Colour Blue.’ She talked about the recording process, saying, “The Colour Blue was recorded at the same time as ‘Pause Button’ but at a different time to when we recorded ‘Germaphobe’. I got to record with a slightly different version of the band and I had my friend Goodwill come in and add some synth parts. It was a really great recording session and we all got to have a lot of fun with it.” 

As ‘The Colour Blue’ was penned almost five years ago, when quizzed the songwriter about her evolution since then, Jensen swiftly remarked, “I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone more, mixing up my creative process and diversifying my lyrical content. When I’m in the foundation stages of writing, I’m trying to think about the live show too, just trying to be a forward thinker, whilst still honoring my process.”

Listen to ‘The Colour Blue’ by Mim Jensen: HERE

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