A Little Sound & Disrupta Come Together on ‘Escape The Lights’

Released on Ministry of Sound, the single marks A Little Sound and Disrupta’s debut collaboration.

Through tunes like ‘Lakota’ with Technimatic and ‘Weed & Wine’ with Friction, among many others, A Little Sound’s dreamy vocals have become one of the most recognizable voices of the drum & bass genre. Disrupta’s penchant for having one eye on the dancefloor and another one dishing out the playful melodies he’s known for has seen him carve out a niche that is unique to himself.

These two creative powerhouses have now teamed up for the first time to deliver a tune that is all set to take the anthemic route. A positively inspiring drum & bass masterpiece, ‘Escape The Lights’ is a showcase of A Little Sound‘s radiant vocals and Disrupta’s realm of bright, power-packed, and funk-driven style of music.

Speaking about their latest collaboration, A Little Sound said, “Disrupta and I had just finished a session and thought we were finished for the day, until he showed me the chords for this track, and instantly the track began to write itself. I wrote about the feeling when you’re constantly running from something, whether that’s guilt or an emotion, and used “lights” as a symbol for whatever that may be. Everywhere we look there are lights, so it felt right and connected to the dance.”

Kicking off with the yearning vocal textures A Little Sound’s music is known for, we’re then greeted with Disrutpa’s delicate melodic phrasing before rolling into a tune that is the culmination of a masterful array of synth components that weave effortlessly between A Little Sound’s ethereal topline.

Echoing A Little Sound’s thoughts, Disrupta spoke about the serendipitous nature of the single: “This record came about very organically and somewhat unexpectedly. We spent most of the session focusing on another record and thought we’d start a new one in the last part of the session. I wrote the lead melody whilst improvising to some chords I’d previously written whilst a little sound was coming up with some nice vocal melodies, the rest came together effortlessly after that.”

Catching the eyes of the drum & bass community after an epic ‘Stay At Home Festival’ live stream and surprising everyone with her mixing and impromptu vocals two years ago, A Little Sound has embarked on an inspiring journey that has seen her be the voice behind some of the genre’s biggest tunes in the past couple of years; and this high-voltage partnership with Disrupta has only served to further attest to her expeditions.

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