Ditty Passionately Addresses Uncontrolled Deforestation on New Release, ‘Money’

Released via German label Clouds Hill Records, the new song by singer-songwriter and urban ecologist Ditty was influenced by incidents of deforestation and capitalism in her former residence of Goa.

“‘Money’ is a folk song sung from a personal perspective of growing up, of being taught by society that bigger is better but learning that small is beautiful,” Ditty shares. “How can we go on as a society? It’s gone too far and how are we going to make repairs?”

Dubbed a love letter to Mother Nature, musician Aditi Veena, best known under the alias Ditty, unfurls another composition off her upcoming EP Skin. The three-minute tune is a refreshing folk/indie pop ballad assembled with audio samples from Goan forests, including sounds of destruction and distress, the felling of trees, wailing animals, and an elephant’s mourning trumpet.

Ditty – ‘Money’

Similar to ‘Advasi’ from Swadesi, Ditty’s ‘Money’ is yet another steadfast attempt to urge listeners to take better care of the earth. Lyrically, the artist poses the question, “Do you know where money comes from?” while asserting, “There will be things that money won’t buy.” Sonically, the music is catchy, a soothing bop, clap-along-worthy, and evokes unease and anguish due to rampant deforestation.

“One time I came back home from a tour, and I used to live in this sleepy little town called Betim in Goa, by the river,” recollects Ditty in an official statement. “There was a forest behind my house – my bedroom window used to open into the forest that was full of rain trees. I returned to see that all the trees were gone! I got to know that they were chopping the forest down, and it was quite painful and I wanted to talk about it via the song.”

Speaking about all the samples merged into the themes of the folk song, Ditty shared, “I was recording samples everywhere, samples of animals and of birds. One time I recorded samples of a chainsaw, and I took the sound of the tree falling from a BBC library of sounds. But I wanted, that the sounds should paint the picture of a forest falling and of a funeral for the forest that the animals came together to give.”

Song Credits
Written by: Aditi Veena
Arrangement: Dhruv Bhola, Karan Singh, and Aditi Veena
Live recording: Rohit Gupta
Mixing: Dhruv Bhola
Crew: Keno Langbein, Akanksha Dev
Film and Edit: Mohit Kapil
Costume: Akaaro

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