Aanchal Bordoloi Shares New EP ‘Letters To Bombay’

Singer-songwriter Aanchal Bordoloi, famed for her 2022 single ‘Whiskey Blues,’ talks about her debut EP ‘Letters to Bombay’ documenting a failed pen-pal email interaction, her cross-country letter-writing project, and more.

“While I was writing the songs, I was enmeshed in a wide range of emotions – pain, love, agony, and confusion at the same time. It’s surreal to watch pure emotion and rage be translated into three songs,” says Aanchal, who stresses one word to underscore how her music resonates with her listeners – “Beautiful.”

A leap-day release, Aanchal’s latest project offers three songs that narrowly stride away from the singer’s folk style of music while wheeling in an acoustic guitar-riddled presentation with shining elements of jazz, soul and bossa nova. The singer’s powerful vocals ravishingly carry out each melody on the EP, which Bordoloi describes as “a eulogy for what never was; a failed pen-pal-email-exchange-experience with somebody in Mumbai.”

‘Letters to Bombay’ uncoils with ‘Energy,’ a strummy guitar ballad invigorated by brawny vocals, mild keys, and percussive patterns. Discussing ‘Energy’ with us, the musician calls back to phases of infatuation and “simply feeling excited about anything and everything.” Aanchal insinuates that the spent time and energy, which gradually wear off, could have been directed elsewhere. “The song basically grew from that feeling; that I could in fact pour all of that energy into myself, and focus on self-love, instead of outsourcing my worth on the actions of others,” she says.

Aanchal also conveyed that all the songs have been written from “a place of raw emotion,” and this is evident in the singer’s commanding voice and vocal range displayed on the next single track ‘Ruse,’ which demonstrates the artist’s lyrical and songwriting flair. Her debut record concludes with ‘Ruins,’ a three-minute acoustic guitar composition laced with striking lyrics and soothing vocals. Aanchal had performed ‘Ruins’ to a spirited audience while on tour in Mumbai back in November 2023.

For fans who had pre-saved the EP, Aanchal devised a unique approach to interacting with them by mailing handwritten letters. She retraced this gesture back to her school days, saying, “I am in essence, an old soul. I used to go to boarding school in Ooty and we had this rule of writing letters on Sundays. It always stuck with me, since I continued to send letters to people even after school. In fact, even when I was in Vienna, Austria for over a year.”

“I like hand-written letters so much since there’s simply so much warmth in this practice. I wanted to connect with my listeners more than just virtually. This is how it all came together! I have sent letters to people across the country, even one to Italy and Austria,” she adds.

‘Letters To Bombay’ is currently streaming on all audio platforms, with the music video for ‘Energy’ out soon. Shuffling her time between Chennai, Bangalore, and Assam, while also crafting more music, Aanchal will be seen next onstage with Bangalore-based prog-metal band The Pulse Theory at Fandom on March 10, 2024.

EP Credits
‘Energy’ – Produced by Sanjith Nair aka Walter Brown, mixed and mastered by Joel Sakkari
‘Ruse’ – Produced, mixed, and mastered by Joel Sakkari.
‘Ruins’ – Mixed and mastered by Joel Sakkari.
Composer, Lyricist
Aanchal Bordoloi

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