Overview Music Launches New Label: DOMAIN

The newly formed imprint brings drum & bass and dubstep extraordinaire, ABLE, onboard for its debut release.

Since its inception in 2018, Overview Music, led by Peter Maxted and Oliver Dumas, has been one of the most consistent record labels when it comes to great music and output. Steadily navigating from the deep, moody, and funky strands of drum & bass they began with, Overview Music has quickly shaped itself into a futuristic multi-style record label.

Boasting an expansive catalog that involves some of the scene’s heavy-hitters while providing a platform for up-and-coming producers to set them up for top-level success within the genre, Overview Music truly embodies the values drum & bass has been built upon over the past three decades.

Klinical B2B Waeys ft. MC XL

Names like Wingz, Klinical, EastColors, gyrofield, and Trex, among many others, have released some of their best music on the label; and now, Overview pushes deeper into its groundbreaking adventures with the announcement of the birth of a new imprint, DOMAIN.

“Oliver and I have been working hard behind the scenes to launch this new project, a fully brand new drum & bass label. We’ve got some great music on the way, so keep your eyes peeled,” said Peter Maxted, following the launch of the label.

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The bosses are yet to reveal whether DOMAIN will serve as a sister label or as an entirely fresh creative project. However, it is an exciting prospect for the genre’s underground subculture to have another outlet from the heads of Overview Music.

Marking DOMAIN’s debut release is drum & bass and dubstep virtuoso, ABLE, known for his brooding funk-drilled numbers and for naming his tunes after curries and shampoo. The two-track release begins with ‘Bang,’ which brings together a number of old-school elements bundled with the tune’s pensive narrative. ‘The Depths’ on the other hand, is ABLE putting his A-game on the table, featuring his trademark wobbly sub bass and gut-punching snares.

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