Midwave Breaks Kick In a High Energy Production on New EP ‘Standing Inside Out’

Tauranga’s firey two-piece independent alternative rock duo Midwave Breaks have unleashed their newest EP ‘Standing Inside Out,’ belting out three powerful tracks, including their well-received radio single ‘All She Was.’

In one of the most wholesome rock offerings we have come across this year, Midwave Breaks, consisting of Kiwi staples Paul Russell (drums) and Bruce Conlon (vocals/guitars), flesh out a brawny production layered with infectious beats, reverberating drum action, and rollicking guitars effortlessly incorporating familiar rock rhythms while maintaining their distinct soundscape.

Sonically picking up from previous releases, ‘Souvenirs‘ and the thunderous single ‘Stonewall,’ the EP emphatically injects that alternative-rock/pop/hard-rock sound right from the get-go. ‘All She Was’ bursts open the record, delivering a stellar alternative-rock piece graced with bellowing vocals, fluid guitar chords, a hooky chorus, and an upbeat/jumpy instrumentation. Vocalist Bruce wrote the song as a dedication to his wife.

Midwave Breaks – ‘All She Was

Up next is the EP’s title track, ‘Standing Inside Out,’ which is plugged with pounding percussions, blaring guitars, and rabid bass plucks. The melody is a juiced modern pop-rock rip-roaring tune, shrouded with elements of 1970s guitar motifs. The band calls its theme “an unapologetic nod to the multi-layered anthemic vocal styling of their late 80’s youth.”

‘Away We Go’ is four minutes of immaculate instrumentation, coupled with crooning vocals and stimulating guitars. The composition is complete with an interactive sing-along segment for a live crowd that concludes the EP. The duo states, “The vision behind the track was to create a captivating opener for their live performance, building through repeated sonic layers, hinting at what’s to come, culminating in an explosive display of energy, which promises to set a powerful scene for their live show.”

Midwave Breaks perform ‘Souvenirs’ at Rock The Park 2023 Christchurch

Midwave Breaks is set to bring their new music and famed songs, ‘Lemonade Hand Grenade,’ ‘Hurricances and Novacane‘ and ‘In The Face Of All We Know‘ to the masses soon as the pair are penciled in to be the opening act for the impending Incubus and Live New Zealand tour in April 2024, with shows in Christchurch and Auckland.

In a brilliant callback, Musicians Paul Russell and Bruce Conlon, both formerly of the Auckland-based group Eight, had previously opened for Incubus twenty years ago, while Incubus were on their 2004 New Zealand tour promoting their album ‘A Crow Left Of The Murder.’

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