Dizlaw Steadies Course With New Single, ‘Kaala Teeka’

Mumbai-based artist Dishant Kamble, recognized under the moniker Dizlaw, takes you on a journey with a Lofi-inspired single ‘Kaala Teeka,’ marking his second music release.

A glimpse into Dizlaw’s debut outing, ‘Khoya Sitara’ (released in March 2024), unravels a feel-good singer/songwriter tune that has been well-received and even amassed over 200K streams on Spotify. Two months later, the singer/hip-hop musician serves his sophomore offering with ‘Kaala Teeka’ via Azadi Records.

‘Kaala Teeka’ (black dot used to ward off evil) takes us back to Dizlaw’s performing his spin on popular tracks by hip-hop bigwigs DivineEmiway BantaiSeedhe MautDrake, etc., and Bollywood classics on social media. Clocking in at nearly three minutes, the Hindi-worded explicit track grasps the rapper’s mindset when transitioning from his teen years into his early twenties.

Dizlaw – ‘Kaala Teeka’

Audibly miles away from the amiable single ‘Khoya Sitara’ but on par if not better with its production and performance, ‘Kaala Teeka’ delivers a Lo-fi-inspired R&B rhythm, gashed with speedy rap bars and a hooky chorus. Lyrically, the song spills stories of heartbreaks, switching careers, and drifting apart from close pals as one enters adulthood.

Music Credits:
Written and performed by Dizlaw
Produced by JustDan Beats, Hellopratiq
Mixed and Mastered by Spandan Mhaskar

Find Dizlaw on: Instagram | Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube

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