PAV4N, Sonnyjim, and Kartik Form Pataka Boys, Drop New Single

‘Bappi Lahiri’ is the first single from PATAKA BOYS, which forms part of their upcoming album slated for release in June 2024 on Azadi Records. 

In what is one of the most exciting collaborations in recent times, cult figures of the underground UK rap scene, PAV4N and Sonnyjim have joined forces with up-on-the-rise Indian producer Kartik to form PATAKA BOYS. A penchant for habitual line-stepping between two seasoned veterans and friends has turned into an exploration of heritage, culture, and further fusion of the diasporic experience and hip-hop. 

True to their name, the South Asian trio has assembled a crackling montage of sounds, sights and smells with their debut single, ‘Bappi Lahiri.’ Released on Mumbai-based Azadi Records, India’s premier hip-hop record label championing diverse voices from all corners of the country, ‘Bappi Lahiri’ is the first single from an upcoming album set to release next month.

‘Bappi Lahiri’ takes its title from the legendary, gold-laden disco don and composer. Kartik’s sample-heavy production on the track doffs its hat to golden era instrumentals from the US while simultaneously incorporating traditional folk sounds and dialogues from movies like Om Puri’s outburst as George Khan from ‘East is East’ (1999) – also symbolic of the collaborators’ ancestry.

Both PAV4N and Sonnyjim’s verses are brimming with tales of opulent adventure, particularly leaning into their heritage and experiences in India, with Sonnyjim rapping ‘I push the sheesh in the pitta/ On the back of a rickshaw, sipping an elixir’ with lethal nonchalance.

“PATAKA BOYS is an outrageous display of opulence, hedonism and a celebration of the muddy depths of underground hip-hop that grew us. Elder statesmen actively blurring the line between ratchet and couture, cynical, satirical, dry British and desi humour,” PAV4N shares the motivation that brought him and Sonnyjim together.

Also featured on the track is British/Bengali rapper M.O.N.G.O., a founding member of the legendary UK crew Mud Fam. M.O.N.G.O. delivers a similarly content-rich guest verse, his gruff vocal tone adding another pleasing textural element to the track.

The track is accompanied by a dizzying visual – directed and edited by Meghan Katti – that offers an insight into the complex tapestry of daily life in India. Shot in Amritsar, the video captures the ethos of small-town India with its vignettes of people, streets and even cows and is another homage to Bappi Lahiri. 

‘Bappi Lahiri’ is available across all streaming platforms via Azadi Records.

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