The Essentials Of Effective Promotion Of Your Event Ticketing Page

Marketing, branding, and outreach are just a few ways to promote an event. However, one of the most important things you can do for your event is to build a strong event ticketing page and promote that effectively. Ultimately, driving traffic to your event ticketing page is the goal of all the meticulous planning and promotions you and your marketing team are painstakingly doing. Getting your page designed and started is a task of its own–it calls for designing, branding, and accessibility. What is just as important as the page itself, or even more, is gaining that traction on your ticketing page.

Without careful planning, your website is basically rendered useless and the event that you worked so hard on loses revenue. However, you can get the desired traffic and attention to your ticketing page by optimizing your tactics and how you promote online. Thinking about the way you promote your event changes everything from gaining the visibility you want for your event to actually getting those clicks on your ticketing page.

What you should be doing is ensuring that the center of your marketing strategy is promoting that ticketing page. To get you started, here are five, simple ways to start promoting your event ticketing page effectively.

5 Ways to Promote Your Event Ticketing Page

1. Make Sure Your Event Ticketing Page is Perfect

One of the first things that you want to do is ensure that your event ticketing page is in the best shape possible. Your ticketing page is one of the most important factors to a successful event. It’s where prospective attendees will spend time gathering information on the event and eventually make the decision to buy tickets.

A strong ticketing page attracts attention and interest, so taking the time and steps to refine your event ticketing page is well worth the effort. A few things to think about when setting up your ticketing page are simple site navigation, visuals, and individual user experience. With a strong and perfected ticketing page as a platform, the next steps to promoting your event and page come easier to handle. 

Ticket buyers are also intrigued by ticketing pages that are highly customizable, and this helps promoters maintain the continuity of the event’s theme, make unique ticketing options, entire tour pages and much more. Ticket Fairy is a great platform to create highly customizable event pages, along with ample features that make it stand out.

2. Get started with links

One of the easiest ways to promote your event ticketing page is to get started with links. Take advantage of the simplicity of links because when utilized appropriately and strategically, they drive in so much traffic to your ticketing page by sending people directly to your page through various methods such as link in bios and links through stories.

Try to create short links that allow you to track the clicks and ticket sales. You can also assign custom links to artists and promoters to keep a track of sales through them on Ticket Fairy.

Explore what works best for specific content. You could have an influencer do a quick Instagram takeover or shout-out through stories and easily attach the link to the event ticketing page on it. Think about creative ways to place links because potential attendees are attracted through the content that you put out and the way you put them out.

3. Have an email marketing strategy

An email marketing strategy is not only a way to expand your audience reach but it is also a way to communicate important information about your event as well. One of the things that you should plan for when it comes to email marketing is a nurture sequence that sends out a series of emails about your event at the most opportune and relevant times.

Emails are also easy ways to link back to your event ticketing page because essentially the content within the emails brings your audience to the information on your site. With the addition of a strong ticketing page, promoting your page through emails is simple and natural. You can send out emails to your entire audience without using a third party platform, along with customizations on Ticket Fairy.

Email graphic used to show how to promote your event ticketing page

4. Implement well-targeted ads with a conversion strategy

Dispersing well-targeted ads could also be key to promoting your event ticketing page, especially when you utilize a conversion strategy. Conversions take your consumers through a “tunnel” of communication content like clicking on ads, subscribing to emails, or visiting specific pages on your website. What well-targeted ads with a conversion strategy do for your event is bring prospective attendees to your ticketing page. Having your audience interact with your marketing content multiple times increases the likelihood of them visiting your event ticketing page and purchasing tickets. 

You can import Facebook pixels and Google Analytics to your Ticket Fairy event page to keep perfect track of sales.

5. Create a social media campaign

Planning for a social media campaign is one of the most important things that you can do for your event ticketing page. A strong social media campaign is effective in promoting your ticketing page because it gets people interested in your event.

Through proper social media campaigning and promoting, prospective attendees are attracted to your event and curious which naturally sends them to the event website. When creating a social media campaign, think about the ways that different platforms could be effective. For example, create specific content for different social media platforms to ensure that it reaches your targeted idea. 

Promoting your event ticketing page is simple with these five tips and increases attendee attendance.

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