5 Important Strategies Every Promoter Should Implement To Bolster Audience Interest

Music events and music festivals are created for the people and as event planners, you always have to think about your audience. Every step you take within your marketing strategy and promotion strategy is always targeted toward your audience because ultimately, your audience could possibly turn into prospective ticket buyers and attendees. It’s difficult at times to deduce what your target audience is interested in and how to build on those interests for your own event planning in order to draw their attention.

Ultimately, the most important thing to recognize is how your music event will matter to your target audiences, prospective ticket buyers, and eventgoers. When you approach your strategy from this angle, you are able to better establish your event in your target audience’s path. Your music event will naturally be the center of attraction and excitement for prospective ticket buyers and attendees.

Here are some tips to help you attract audiences to attend your next music event or music festival.

1. Build a solid lineup

A lineup at any festival or event is super essential to ensure the success of ticket sales and concertgoers who will actually invest in the experience of the event. It’s important to put together a lineup that best translates the idea of the festival or event you’re hosting. You could also consider keeping it a good lineup of artists that cater to a fixed age group, or a mixed lineup that brings in more fans from different age groups.

If you are ever left thinking twice about how to plan your event based on your lineup, or if you have big artists in mind and want to check how many people would actually attend, you can ask interested fans to pre-register for your event after revealing a few names. This gives you a good estimate of what to expect from the lineup you envisioned and also helps you collect important information about your user base, their likes and dislikes, and more. Pre-registration is available if you register your event with Ticket Fairy, and have a quick chat with the support team.

2. Have a good marketing plan ready

We’ve mentioned before that having a good marketing plan will not only keep you organized but will also clearly outline the steps you and your team will take to promote your event. A marketing plan allows you to strategize accordingly for everything you will need to accomplish before, during, and after your event. Your event marketing plan should also include a clear outline of your targeted audience and your steps and strategy to convert them into your event attendees.

Most of this will happen during the promotion stage of your marketing plan so make sure that your event marketing plan clearly defines what ads, promotion strategies, emails, etc. are targeted toward your audience. Some of the best ways to promote an event or a festival are to get interactive videos and shout-outs from artists performing, highlighting key features that are available at the event besides the music programming, and more. Write down every possible idea you have, and then refine it to what suits your music event best.

Marketing strategy graphic for step two of what attracts audiences to attend music events

3. Use social media to reach out to your target audience

Social media is the surest way to gain your target audience’s interest. In your marketing plan, make sure you identify a clear social media strategy that is specifically geared towards attracting your target audience. Leverage the way your social media team utilizes various social media platforms and how. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and even emails work in tandem to create an online presence for your music event.

It’s always good to have a mix of content across all platforms, but it is also important to use features that each platform is giving leverage to. This helps you maximize results from your social media campaigns. Using trending songs, captions over audio, and creating an enticing first five seconds for every reel could be important!

4. Think about what collaborations matter to your target audience

Collaborations are ways to expand not only your network but your outreach. Think about collaborating with influencers when promoting your music event. Audiences are interested in what their favorite social media influencers are doing and by collaborating with them, you entice them further. Make sure that when collaborating with influencers you keep in mind who makes up the majority of your target audience for the music event and what their values and interests are. Finding an influencer to partner with who echoes these values will ensure your music event is reaching your target demographic.

Besides influencers and content creators, you can also collaborate with brands and create unique content that would work for your music event. Collaborating on other aspects of the event also helps create a holistic experience for consumers, and makes them more confident to purchase a ticket.

5. Appeal to your audience’s values

Going off the last point, think about your values and communicate them to your target audience. Spend some time also understanding your audience’s values over your own. What programming would suit a Sunday afternoon? How much would people be willing to spend on single-day passes? Keep asking the right questions when researching the particular values and interests of your audience.

Appealing to your audience builds up your brand identity and leverages your brand. Leveraging your brand identity means strengthening your music event’s strongest values and this is what attracts prospective ticket buyers and attendees to your event. People are interested in attending music events that hold value and meaning for them so build upon this wisely. Communicate to your target audience a specific experience that your music event can only produce which also appeals to their own interests.

Attracting your target audience’s attention to your music event takes strategy and thought. You want to keep in mind, throughout every step of your plan, your audience demographics, interests, and values. Then meet those particular audience demographics by creating a social media campaign that transparently communicates those interests and values. All of these aspects play into building a concert experience that is authentic and successful.

Follow these tips to attract bigger audiences to your next music event or music festival. For more strategies on how to sell out your next music event or music festival, download our free cheat sheet, “5 Secrets of Successful Organizers Who Sell Out Events.”

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