How a Good Marketing Plan Can Increase Music Event Revenue

Many event planners know that taking the time to develop a strong marketing plan will guarantee a profit in sales and revenue. Bringing a marketing plan to the table helps a marketing team better prepare and organize a campaign that is meticulous and effective. In music event marketing, you must not only think about how the news of your events, products, and tickets will reach your target audience but also how they will be received by them.

Ask yourself and your marketing team: is the campaign executed and presented in a way that accurately represents the event? Is the marketing campaign impactful in the way the team intended it to be? 

When you and your marketing team build a well-designed marketing plan, it allows you to create effective campaigns that truly represent the events and products you’re marketing to your target audiences. And when your marketing plan accurately enhances the value and image of your events, ticket revenues for the events will increase dramatically. 

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines the steps that it takes to successfully launch, in this case, a music event. A good and strong marketing plan takes you meticulously through every step of all the marketing activities, tasks, goals, and costs needed to successfully market and launch a music event. It’s a detailed strategy that keeps the marketing team prepared and confident in the campaign.

What’s even better about a well-designed marketing plan is that it is detailed enough to trace every step taken for the launch of the event, allows for enough flexibility to change in the case of surprising or unplanned issues (which is very common), and can be used for the long-term. Having a marketing plan to depend on is the key to a strong campaign, increased revenues, and sets the stage up for more opportunities in the future.


5 reasons why you need to start an event marketing plan now

So we’ve established what a marketing plan is and now we will go in-depth about what a strong marketing plan can do for you, your marketing team, and your business in general. If you haven’t been doing it yet, here are only just five of the reasons why you need to start making marketing plans for your music events to increase revenue now. 

1. It’s a great motivator for your marketing team when brainstorming ideas and plans

The brainstorming stage is one of the most difficult stages to get through. It’s not so easy to get ideas going and running when things aren’t organized or structured. Having a piece of paper or document to jot down ideas during the marketing team meeting is just not enough. Having a structured marketing plan going during team meetings keeps things organized, detailed, and people on task.

Additionally, it’s easier to get people to speak and think about ideas because there’s a solid outline that everyone is following. You and your team are not only more organized, but with a marketing plan, everyone feels more motivated when there is an obvious direction to work towards. Plus, it’s so easy to download example marketing plans to guide your way when creating your own like these ones. They’re easy to follow and build off from according to your event’s specific needs.

2. A strong marketing plan clearly frames who your target audience is 

When you create a marketing plan, you basically create a strategic and well-designed outline of your campaign that tackles every aspect before launching your event. One of those aspects is that working with a marketing plan allows you and your team to frame who exactly you are trying to market to.

A marketing plan details your target audience’s demographics and proceeds to discuss in-depth the steps moving forward. Having your target audience clearly identified in turn makes it much easier to grasp onto ideas, plans, and steps needed to market your event successfully. This ensures that your event is reaching the right people and your revenue increases because of accurate marketing.

3. A marketing plan provides transparency and creates realistic goals

When your marketing team is working on a campaign, it’s sometimes difficult to garner what’s possible and what works. Working with a marketing plan decreases those ambiguities. When there is structure, there is transparency. It becomes easier to identify what will work and what won’t work because everything is organized in a way for you to clearly see every step and goal. 

4. It outlines your business strategy clearly and concisely

This echoes the former points. Designing a marketing plan will outline your business strategy from the very first step to even after your event is launched. Because your team is working with a structured outline, it’s easier to construct what your business strategy is and how it will be executed.

All your notes, data, projections, steps, and goals are kept within that marketing plan and it will change the way your team will work throughout the campaign process for the event. Additionally, with a clear business strategy, things are easier to change when necessary and the marketing plan can be recycled for future events. 

5. Having a marketing plan encourages you to stay within your budget

Lastly, working with a marketing plan ensures that you stay well within your budget. In event marketing, it’s easy to go over your budget because your team is planning and campaigning for something large-scale. A marketing plan allows you to break down the numbers and see what is feasible and what is not. You stay within your budget and you are able to design a business strategy that won’t go over budget.  

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