How Planning A Multifaceted Digital Strategy Enhances The Marketing Of Your Music Event

Getting your music event out there means making sure you have all the tools that you need to successfully market your music event to your target audience who will end up being prospective music event attendees. Carefully planned and strategic event marketing will boost the activity on your related social media pages and event pages. With a lot of our communication being done virtually, you and your marketing team should be strategizing for ways to synchronize your online marketing with your music event. 

Meticulous planning should go into the way you promote your music event online because most of your target audiences will first see the event online through various social media pages like Instagram or Facebook. When it comes to promoting your music event, centering your marketing online means utilizing various tools for you and your marketing team to implement within your strategy. Your team’s online marketing plan should readily make space for online material and content because getting your music event out online takes considerable time and steps.

To get you going, the first thing you want to do is figure out the necessary ways to begin promoting your specific music events online. Here are just a few ways to get your brainstorming started.

1. Build hype before your event

Setting up pre-registration for your event gives you an idea of how many people are interested in the event, allows you to collate essential information about them, and enables you to gratify them for their efforts.

One of the biggest advantages of a ticketing platform like Ticket Fairy is taking pre-registrations and rewarding these super fans under the PREWARDS program. Your event super fans also end up becoming promoters of the event as they share the event on their social media. Their friends and followers with similar interests are then drawn into the event, and you’ve effectively spent no money while this plays out. Easy, isn’t it?

2. Get your social media pages ready for a social media campaign

Online marketing means taking advantage of all the tools that are virtually available to you and your team. Most people hear about music events from social media so planning for a social media campaign is smart. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok are popular apps that most of your target audiences are using. Music event attendees also heavily use these apps to clue in on popular music events by following related music festival pages for updates. 

Your marketing or social media team should ready your related social media pages and plan for continuous content related to your music event. Promote heavily on social media through a campaign by using hashtags and captions, and even think about partnering with social media influencers to expand your outreach. Make sure that you adapt your content to each social media platform accordingly because what gets your targeted audience’s attention on Instagram is completely different from what format is popular on Facebook. 

Business hands showing virtual tools to synchronize online marketing

3. Have your event ticketing page be the star of your show

Your music event ticketing page is the center of information and what prospective music eventgoers will immediately go to once you catch their attention. Create a strong and maneuverable ticketing page that reflects what you are marketing to your target audiences. Develop and design a website that is full of beautiful images, graphics, and vibrant colors that will instill excitement within them about the music event.

Additionally, make sure that relevant information related to the music event or festival is easily seen by prospective attendees and this means paying attention to the content structure of your website. Having a strong and enticing event ticketing page promotes your music event or festival and leaves a good impression on your prospective attendees.

4. Clue in on pixels

An easy way for you to not only understand your target audience but also keep track of your ticket sales is by implementing pixels. Facebook/Meta pixels help you clue in on consumer interaction and collect information about your audience’s demographics. Understanding what your audiences value and hold important helps you plan for a better-informed marketing plan and strategy. You and your marketing team are able to create an experience that is unique to your target audience. When you’re marketing your music event or festival, the data collected by pixels help your team by bringing in conclusive data that you can adapt to your online marketing strategy. 

5. Strategize for a nurture sequence for your emails

Emails are one of the best tools for communication and utilizing them within your online marketing ensures that you get out the most important details to prospective music event attendees. An email marketing strategy keeps your audience in the loop of all the important details and information concerning your music events like pre-registration dates, general on-sale dates, and special promotions.

Strategizing for a nurture sequence for your email marketing strategy allows your team to release a stream of emails throughout your whole campaign leading up to the event itself and even after. This allows for smooth communication and consistent exposure to the music event or festival and in turn builds momentum and excitement leading to the day of the music event. 

6. Build a network of links across your content

You and your team are planning for a stellar social media campaign and you have your emails and event ticketing page ready to go. The various content that you release separately on each platform is just that–they exist on separate digital platforms. As mentioned, pixels help to synchronize data and information but bring it a step further by linking to other content within the content you release. 

For example, at the bottom of an email, prompt your audience and eventgoers to follow your various social media pages by providing immediate links that will bring them directly to those pages. Or reshare content across your various social media pages and provide a way for your targeted audience to visit your event ticketing page through links! Doing this will optimize the way your content will reach your target audiences and will drive traffic across your social media pages and your event site. Synchronizing your content across your platforms is a smart way to ensure that your campaign is getting the exposure that you want.


Online marketing will ensure that your music event or festival will get the attention you want and will build momentum and excitement among prospective eventgoers. Centering your online content within your various campaigns will promote your music event and festival effectively and efficiently. Just following these few tips will change the way you promote online and will set your marketing plan up for success. The goal of marketing is to bring exposure to your music event and festival, and expanding your methods and tools will ensure prospective attendees and eventgoers will see your efforts.

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