How Wireless Technology Will Lead Your Events To Success

Wireless technology is making waves in the event industry by changing how event organizers coordinate check-ins on the ground and process payments for eventgoers. Even before the urgent need for contactless communication and transactions, wireless technology has been a popular alternative to traditional systems at events. Event organizers have seen the boon that is technology and its impact on the event industry, transforming how communication and transactions are conducted. It was estimated that after the pandemic, almost 73.6% of event organizers have not only become more skilled in technology usage but have also begun to implement event-specific technology to create better experiences at events. This goes on to prove that with every passing year, technology is making an impact on the event industry and shifting perspectives toward the full embracement of event technology.

The future of events is concentrated on the implementation of specific technology that allows for a contactless event entry system. Going contactless for your events does a number of things:

  • It speeds up event entry, reducing the time it takes to check attendees in.
  • Eliminates fraud and scams due to specific codes or chips being scanned to allow entry into the event space. 
  • Improves communication with eventgoers during check-in.
  • Improves attendee experience with a smooth and contactless event entry system, thus positively impacting your personal brand.

Wireless technology is the way to go for events with so many options to choose from. Especially with the anxiety produced by the pandemic, people are now more conscious of how communication and transactions are conducted. With a contactless event entry system, your attendees will have not only a better experience but will also not have to worry about what is transmitted through unwanted contact. Choosing to go with wireless technology for your events will ensure that your attendees will have a positive experience and stay safe and healthy. With that said, we will go into two specific wireless technology that you can implement into your next events: RFIDs and QR codes.


Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a popular and easy wireless tool that event organizers take full advantage of. From wristbands to plastic cards, RFID tags are embedded in an object of your choice which is then given to the attendee at entry check-in. RFIDs are a popular choice by event organizers because they allow for a smooth, seamless, and quick check-in process upon entry. No longer will your eventgoers have to dread the long lines at check-in; through advanced RFID technology, the frustration from waiting will be eliminated and your attendees will get to enter the event space sooner.

RFIDs also allow for interactive communication between the event space and the eventgoers by allowing you, the event organizers, to track how foot traffic flows. You are able to gain insight through RFID data about the layout of lines at entry check-ins. This is also an important feature for larger events such as multi-day festivals and conferences where you can track how smoothly foot traffic at event entry goes. When needed, you can add extra lanes to reduce waiting times and get your attendees in sooner. 

Photo of phone scanning QR code for wireless technology, event technology like RFID, QR codes, and 5G network

QR codes

An event QR code is a multitasking tool that when used for your events, could impact multiple factors of your event planning in addition to the actual event itself. For instance, QR codes are used by marketers during outdoor campaigns by attaching a specific QR code to things like posters and fliers for their target audiences to scan with their smartphones. When scanned, your target audiences will be taken to a page with information about your event (date, location, time, performers, etc.), specific promotions, and event early registration. QR codes are an effective marketing tool that takes prospective attendees instantly to the pages they need to be on for registration and even to buy tickets. You also have access to campaign data that you can use to restructure your marketing campaigns to improve areas that need improvement. 

When implemented for event check-ins, QR codes are a foolproof way to avoid fraud and scams and ensure that your eventgoers are speedily checked-in. They are also able to access important event information such as maps and specific VIP locations.

Making wireless technology work for your event

With the climate of the present world’s issues, you are able to still provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your eventgoers through wireless technology. RFIDs and QR codes are advanced event technology that will ensure the success of your events by transforming how they are operated from the very start. But before you make your choice, there are a few things that you have to think about in order to pick the best wireless technology for your event.

1. Think about the size of your event

The size of your event is important. Before implementing RFIDs or QR codes at your event, you want to consider not only the type of event that you are organizing (a small in-door/out-door event, large concert hall, conference, multiday festival, etc.) but also how many people you are expecting to attend the event. If you are expecting a smaller turnout, then RFIDs or QR codes might not be the best option. Contactless technology is expensive so it makes better sense to use that budget to improve other areas of your event. 

2. Think about the venue

Your event’s space will impact the technology that you use. This goes in line with the former point. If your venue is smaller, RFIDs or QR codes might not be needed. If it’s a larger venue, spanning multiple days, with a projected high attendee turnout, wireless technology will be a necessary tool to help organize your event. With larger spaces that have a higher attendee turnout, wireless technology will ensure things will run smoothly without the craziness. 

3. Consider your budget

Implementing wireless technology is expensive. Before making your choice, talk about budgets. Consider if your budget can allocate for wireless technology to be used at your event space. The benefits of RFIDs and QR codes are aplenty, but if it is outside your budget, it will definitely not be worth it.

Contactless is for the future

Contactless technology is the way of the future in event organization. Event organizers are already using wireless technology to improve the event experience. Event technology has advanced so quickly to make events more interactive and special for eventgoers and changing the way how attendees enter an event space is just the start.

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