2ToneDisco Pre-Party Featuring the Arcane Maids

All Ages
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Music Only (Standard)
US$ 16.50 (incl. fees)

Ticket includes entry into Esports Arena, access to the bar, access to tables+ supplies for drinking games, and DJ sets provided by 2ToneDisco and DJ JP Money. 

Maids + Music ( Smash/Glovers Discount)
US$ 16.50 (incl. fees)

Includes Access to Maid Cafe and Pre-Party, must have proof of spectators/ competitors pass for Super Smash Brother's Tournament to Qualify for a ticket discount. 

Music And Smash Only (Glovers/ Smash Discount)
US$ 6 (incl. fees)

Must bring cosplay costume, light toys, or proof of spectator/competitor pass for Super Smash Bros Tournament to Qualify. NO ENTRY INTO MAID CAFE-MUSIC ONLY

Maids + Music (Standard)
US$ 27.50 (incl. fees)

Includes entry into the concert and maid cafe.

Sales for this event are closed.

On Friday, October 13th, Esports Arena will open its doors to the Arcane Maids of Los Angeles, for a very special Pokemon-themed pre-party for the weekend's 2GG Super Smash Brother's. Your Maid Cafe ticket. You can expect to have maid table-side service, a dessert/food item, a coffee/tea/drink item, live performance, access to the gaming computers, access to the arcade/console systems, and table-top games selections. Competitors and Spectators for the Weekend's tournament can choose a discounted ticket option that requires proof of purchase into the weekend's tournament.  

There will be a separate ticket for just music that includes access to the Esports Arena bar and Cafe where will be serving Pokemon Themed Cocktails, soft drinks, and a selection of beers. We would like to encourage the gaming and gloving communities to come enjoy the night's festivities. Although the music pass does not include entry into the maid cafe there will be a certain number of tables set up on the main floor for drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. In order to qualify for the music ticket discount patrons must either bring their light gloves or other light toys or prove their purchase of a competitor/ spectator pass for the weekend's Smash Bros Tournament. 

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