House OF Evangelista - 3

Ages 21+
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Late Entry - 3am
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Dim lights and live organic house
music to take
you on a journey
through sound,
body and soul! 

Time:  June 5th - 3am - Late
Last entry:  June 5th - 5am

Sales for this event are closed.


The Brooklyn Monarch - 23 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 

Doors open at Midnight and go until late. Final entry at 5:00am.

We have secured the best of our favorite DJs and performers. Our technical team of designers and engineers are known for the biggest LGBT+ productions in the USA and have designed this experience to the level of excellence they are able to deliver.

At House of Evangelista® we follow a carefully designed event structure and produce the experience in collaboration with resident DJs and the best of local and international artists. Stay tuned for the collaboration announcements on our instagram page!

We are always researching on the most recent and trendy musical creations around the world to make it available to our artists at our talent's resource page which is constantly updated to facilitate this collaboration . We also identify Solfeggio frequencies on incredible tracks to include in our sets. These hertz frequencies resonate with your body and cause a vibration known to repair DNA, facilitate change, awaken intuition, connect and liberate.

Our light designers are known to produce the biggest events in the country. Working with us at House of Evangelista® they are instructed to use only the pink-indigo pallete as these are our signature colors and represent clarity, imagination, intuition and direction. Within this palette you will also find the purple-blue gradient which represents states of higher consciousness and stimulates communication, the latter being a very overlooked ability in the club scene that we want to cultivate in our House.   

Dress up or dress down as you like. We love your creativity and sexy outfits, but what we love the most is YOU feeling comfortable in whatever you decide to wear. 

We created an inclusive environment based on equality and positivity. There are NO VIP areas at our events and no one (besides staff) skips the line. Everyone gets special treatment because you are all Very Important People in our House. No distinction! 

Photo ID is required at the door. Your ID must match the name on this ticket. 



  1. Jonah M
  2. Michael D
  3. Victor T
  4. Makinrola O
  5. Colin H
  6. Patrick M
  7. Badimir A
  8. William L
  9. Rafael D