Championships 2019 Ten Year Anniversary

. Bogart House, Brooklyn

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American Beatbox Championships 

Ten Year Anniversary

The American Beatbox team is proud to present our tenth annual event! What a journey it has been leading up to this amazing benchmark, and we have some very special things in store to celebrate... 

We welcome 


in America to compete! 

There are three categories of competition: solo battle, 2v2 and loop. The winners will receive prizes and awards, and of course bragging rights, as they take their rightful places in history as official 2019 American Beatbox Champions! 

To enter, register at

Celebrating the DIME!

This anniversary year marks a decade of American Beatbox Championship competitions, and will take place over Veteran's Day Weekend in New York City. We are switching up the layout from previous years, so it will look and feel brand new whether you're attending in person or watching the free live stream. 

Saturday and Sunday activities will be at the Bogart House

Beyond the battles there will be fun gear to test out, workshops to attend, lots of fellow beatboxers around to connect with, raffled prizes for all attendees and very special guest performances! 

We are so excited to acknowledge the inventor of beatboxing, the one and only DOUG E FRESH, with our Lifetime Achievement Award! His contributions to the art form and community span across four decades, and he has played a pivotal role. For more info on the man, the myth, the living legend - click here

In addition to having some amazing performances by beatboxers, we also will feature performances by dancers, rappers, and DJs. Since beatboxing was birthed in the hip hop culture, we acknowledge that history and support all of our sibling communities. Stay tuned for these announcements...

Turntablism showcased by ??????????

Rap Cypher showcased by ??????????

Breakdance showcased by ??????????

Graffiti showcased by ??????????

Workshops and Masterclass sessions!

Information on workshops and masterclasses will be released in October, so stay tuned to our Instagram and YouTube or check back here at a later date for details. 

Masterclass 1 by ?????????? on ??????????

Masterclass 2 by ?????????? on ??????????

Masterclass 3 by ?????????? on ??????????