ABunDance Magical Mystery

All Ages
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Must Check In By 10:30 Pm
US$ 10 (excl. fees)

Must arrive and check in by 10:30. Please plan on arriving between 9pm and 10:15 to allow for parking and entry. There is ample easy parking in lot on Cahuenga across from venue and Various Street and Metered Parking in the Area.

All Night Entry
US$ 15 (excl. fees)

May arrive and check in any time up till 2 AM. There is Abundant easy parking in lot on Cahuenga across from venue and Various Street and Metered Parking in the Area.

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Abundance Angel
US$ 88 (excl. fees)

Pass the line and get two complimentary drinks with The Producers and Artists at their Table.

Table Reservation Deposit
US$ 100 (excl. fees)

Skip the Line and be escorted to your own reserved table upon entry. There is a minimum purchase of 1 bottle per table. Bottles start at $350. Reservation includes 4 tickets for entry. Additional tickets may be purchased at $15 each up to 2 additional per table.

Sales for this event are closed.

Experience the Magic of A More Intimate ABunDance at a Fraction of the Cost! 
It's a New Year and We want to Give You something New and Magical!

The Lineup will be a Mystery! 

(Rest assured you will still get all the same amazing artists, music, inspiration, connection, and fun!)

After all our mission has always been to bring more joy to more people in an ever growing community that lifts each other up and improves the quality of life for us ALL!

Dress up and Express your inner Magic and Mystery!

Dance from 9PM till 4AM Under the Stars on The Beautiful Outdoor Heated French inspired Garden Patio of Le Jardin with Live Visionary Painters, Healers, Vendors, and More!

(And you can still share with your friends after you get your ticket and get all of your ticket money back. See details below )

Thank you to Everyone who came out and or supported our Greatest New Year's Eve yet at The Belasco! May this year bring you more Abundance, Miracles, and Joy than ever before! Here is a quick recap video.

Connect with Community, Celebrate and Be Celebrated!

Find all kinds of treasures from our Burner Bazaar


Where Art, Music, and People become ONE!




Garden Patio

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Hannah Mermaid











Carlos Pamploma

Michaelangelo Boffi

Zayna Beard








Joshua Bartos & crew

After you purchase your ticket you will get your own code to share with friends and get up to 100% of your money back when they buy tickets. Details below...

While our first commitment is to you experiencing the most epic party and celebration of life and humanity we can, we believe that these core principals are what add to that experience. If you feel inspired to dig a little deeper into what we are about please continue.

Radical Responsibility

Many of us have heard the phrase “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, We would like to add that “With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power”. We are recontextualizing responsibility as The Ability to Respond, “Response-Ability” (Opportunity and Power). We ALL have the ability to respond in any circumstance and create it as an opportunity or a problem. Each and Everyone of Us Have The Opportunity and Power to Love, Support, and Help Each Other Grow, when we share. Each Opportunity we choose to Appreciate Someone in The Whole increases the value of The Whole. As One we all have the Privilege of Response-Ability to Lovingly Create More Beautiful Experiences for One Another, no matter what world or realm that other may be coming from. Contrary to what many of us have been raised to believe we have our greatest opportunity for Connection, Love, and Power in our Vulnerability and Compassion.

We Recognize All as ONE and Align Ourselves with our Ultimate Expression of Individuality in Service to The Whole. In this way the ultimate selfishness and selflessness has no separation, and will be in complete and total alignment assuring ourselves a place in a New World of Paradise here and now. We invite you to align with and embrace these three principles.


Kind Thoughts (Each Person Comes from a Different Realm of Experience we connect through compassion and sharing without the disconnect of judgement)


Kind Words (We Each Have Power with Our Words and can choose the words we use to create the world that we and others get to live in)


Kind Actions (Each action toward others is an opportunity to create the world for others that we want to live in. The more others are inspired by the world we share, the more they contribute their thoughts, words, and actions to making our dreams a shared reality)


“The Heart's Power Of Love must replace the mind's Love Of Power. If I have the Power Of Love, then I shall claim the whole World as my own … World Peace can be achieved when the Power Of Love replaces the Love Of Power.”- Sri Chinmoy (paraphrased by Jimi Hendrix to greater popularity)

The Heart is the center and first organ in our bodies, giving it’s love to every living part that expands from its’ center. It beats its’ music through every part of our being in unison. It seems appropriate that we be following its’ model by bringing people together around music to create the entire body of this planet as a harmonious, collaborative, joyous, celebration of Life as A Gift to Us ALL.

Grateful Generation is Founded on this Very Principle of ALL in ONE, ONE in ALL. ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL.


“When the mind is free, anything is possible”-Anonymous

While it has been commonly said that “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” All too often life occurs to us as though we are the Boats and The Tide is Life as it Happens to us. Most of us do the best we can, given our experience and tools available to us, which we use to maneuver and manipulate the Seas of Fate and survive or stay afloat.

There is a shift occurring among us, founded in science, where many are now realizing that we are the Tide and The Ships. It is therefore our aim and focus to Provide The Light House to shine a light on reality as we are creating and reflecting it in our Relation-Ships!

We hold self evident that most of our world, and our experience of it, is created and structured in the mind. Our intention is to Expand each others awareness around how we use our minds and our powers of creation. Many are just now awakening to realize that the world is something they have been creating Passively. Our offerings will be designed to empower and inspire Active creation that is in service to the whole of this planet as One symbiotic interdependent living organism. Our Talks and Workshops will be centered around wisdom and knowledge as practical tools to create more beautiful experiences for ourselves and each other.

Inside Out Approach

Many believe that life happens to us, when it actually happens through us. It emanates from the fountain at the very center of our being in our hearts, as LOVE. When we forget this center we create our lives from LACK, and experience lives of LACK, thinking that when we HAVE THE THINGS we want, we will DO The THINGS we want, we WILL BE HAPPY, and HAVE LOVE PRESENT IN OUR LIVES. ONE LOVE is here to remind us that we are LOVE, so we can BE LOVE, DO the THINGS that LOVE DOES, and ULTIMATELY HAVE JOY in EVERYTHING WE EXPERIENCE!

Attitude of Gratitude

While it can be said that things are appreciating in value when they grow, we can also say that things grow when we appreciate them. We remind people to remind themselves to be GREAT and FULL by being GRATEFUL for ALL the Blessings that abound around us from the moment we awake and receive the gift of our first breath to the moment we rest our heads.

By choosing to see ALL things as Gifts and Valuable to us, All things have value to us and we create more value wherever we go and maximize highest function, place and time for ALL.


“A Healthy Body Will Fuel and Sustain a Healthy Mind”

The Body is the foundation of your experience and therefore the foundation of our experience.

Please take care of yours, and if you see the opportunity to share wisdom or information that helps others take better care of theirs we hope you do so.

Our physical bodies and emotions are highly influenced by what we put into them and what we do with them. When you become aware of how certain foods, thoughts, and activities affect you, you are able to make choices that help you feel more empowered.

We embrace an inclusive environment built around Holistic Living in terms of Organic Foods, Nutritional K(Now)ledge, Exercise, Flexibility, and Sustainability.

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