Celebrating a Decade of Dabauchery

. Undisclosed Location, Los Angeles [All Ages]

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Its that time of year for me! Just getting back from the Burn and I’m a year older, a year wiser, and a year smarter i think. There is much I’ve learned over the last year and much i have forgotten, but i know this it was a very interesting year to say the least. Before i touch on that i would like to say a little something:

So i have accomplished a goal, a very long ten goal i started back in 2009. IT WAS MY FIRST YEAR OF BURNINGMAN! it was a new experience for me, i had been to Coachella, i had been to Bonnaroo, i had been in nature and desert and heat, but my experience out there changed the coarse of my life. I no longer had the desire to go to the same places i had used to, i wanted to dive into this community that i had experienced out there fully, with all the ups and down i could foresee knowing my character, the way i socialize and related to people. I knew it would be a wild ride. To get this full experience i felt that the approximated time was going to be 10 years. So i set a goal, my goal was to reach 10 years consecutively and see what happens. As of this year i can say that i reached my 10 year long goal, i did 10 consecutive years at burning man and the Experience was WILD! it was wild and wonderful, very hard at times, Ive creates pockets of communities within communities, and given people platforms to follow there dreams and have helped them become successful along the way, I’ve been a matchmaker on purpose and on accidents, I’ve become a pretend father to my friends kids at times, ive went to numerous festival and have become one of the most noticeable characters among them, I’ve made THOUSANDS of FRIENDS and love them all for the most part. I have run parties, really really good ones from top to bottom by myself, I’ve hired people and fired people, been wrong and right, Ive laughed and cried, and Ive made some of the best friends ever had, I have done many many things that i cannot remember, but i do remember I’ve been very kind to people and have been treated kindly in return. There are so many things i have accomplished and so many more i want to accomplish.

With all that being said, there is tons I’ve skipped over, but i want to bring it back to the last year, i feel i have accomplished and learned a lot within this year. One thing that I have learned is that to be successful and happy one must keep there head up and keep moving forward to which ever direction they see fit, its ok for that direction to change or stay the same as long as you keep going! Sooooo i would like to announce

ALTHAUS presents


My plan for this is to go back to the roots of what makes me happy, 3 rooms of music, fire spinning, art vendors, cool things to do, and you people (the ones who really make it special) soooo save the Date, the details are coming up, if you want to be apart of it with your music art or dancing feel free to hit me up and well figure out what the best thing to do is!

ps. It would mean the world to me to see so many of the friends I’ve met along the way. You guys and girls are what keeps me going and i am very thankful for all of you. So as usual we will start early, i have not exactly decide what to do early, but there is a nice rooftop patio that i would probably like to do some type of potluck bbq if anyones got any great ideas starting at 8:00pm

  1. Christopher H
  2. Sasha R
  3. Mitch M
  4. Carolyn V
  5. Charlie B
  6. Nicole J
  7. Robert Y
  8. Nicole D