Air ≋ 01: Lee Curtiss + Renegade Masters + Funky People

. Bogart House , Brooklyn [All Ages]

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Air ≋ 01

Launch Party
A new rooftop series in the heart of East Williamsburg.

Lee Curtiss

(Visionquest - Detroit)

Renegade Masters

(SOUP - Brooklyn)

Sunset Dinner by Delivery. 7-11pm

Featuring Sergio Santos, Jeremy Ismael, Diego Knows (Funky People)
PJay + Bytz (Delivery.)

Nourishing Dinner by Madhi Food & Secret Chef
Invigorating Herbal Tonics by Have a Nice Daisy
Superfood Sweets by Gnosis Chocolate & Space Grade Labs

  2. Jason L
  3. Taylor C
  4. Gayla H
  5. Margarita S
  6. Tiana C
  7. Lena G