American Beatbox Championships 2016

Ages 18+
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If you are unable to attend the 2016 American Beatbox Championships in Brooklyn on Nov 5th and 6th, but still want to support the American Championships and the beatbox scene in the States - this option is for you! 

We appreciate your love and support!

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In association with Beatboxhouse

on November 5th & 6th in Brooklyn, NY

XANDALI presents

The American Beatbox Championships 2016

In association with Beatboxhouse, the 2016 American Beatbox Championships will be held November 5th and 6th in Brooklyn, NY at the famous Knitting Factory BK. This year's events will span two days of competitions, performances, and culture, featuring the best talent in the nation battling it out on stage! 

Three categories will be judged by leading beatbox revolutionaries and community leaders - Loop Station, 2v2, and Solo - in order to determine this year's champions.

Partnering with ABC 2016 are three of the beatbox community's biggest voices: 

Beatboxhouse- is a Brooklyn-based collective housing some of the most talented and diverse beatboxers in the nation and beyond. They push each other and push the boundaries of what is possible with the human voice, rebranding the art form as part of their 'mouth music' movement.

Human Beatbox- is the central platform for beatboxers to learn, network, and discover the art form through articles, news, and videos. Founded in 2001, HBB has played an instrumental role in the rapid expansion of the global community and continues to serve beatbox family today.

Swiss Beatbox was founded in 2006 to share the passion among beatboxers around the globe. Today they've extended their reach with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of regularly-engaged fans, followers, and friends. They have delineated a role as a go-to site for beatboxers to view and share content.

Day 1 (Nov 5th) [5p-10p]

5:00 DOORS 

Open elimination solo competitors (beat boxers only)

Rabbi Darkside (DJ Set)

Top 8 2v2 (4 battles)

Loop station semi-final battle #1

2v2 semi-finals+ (2 battles)

Loop station semi-final battle #2

All-stars performance

Announcement of 2v2 & loop station finalists for top 16

Beat boxing cypher from stage to outside and on to Blue Note for Rahzel’s performance after midnight (show your ABC ticket for $5 entry)

Day 2 (Nov 6th) [5p-11p]

5:00 DOORS 

Rabbi Darkside (DJ set)

Solo top 16 battle (8 battles)

2v2 Battle for third

Loop station battle for 3rd

Fresh b0ize performance

Solo top 8 (4 battles)

BBH Performance

Solo semi-final (2 battles)

2v2 final (1 battle)

Alem performance

Loop station final (1 battle)

Dharni performance

Solo finals (1 battle)

*Special Guest performance by RAHZEL

Announcement of all winners

Judges, Presenters, and Performers 

Pepouni (@PepuoniSBX)

Alem (@AleMNewSchool)

Dharni (@dharniofficial)

Kaila (@kailamullady)

Gene (@GVSbeatbox)

Rabbi Darkside (@RabbiDarkside)

Patrick Cucuta (@PatrickCucuta)

Kenny Urban (@KennyUrbanBBX)

Winners will be announced at the end of Sunday's competitions. After the first day of the Champs, Saturday Nov 5th, we will gather at Blue Note at midnight for a special performance by Rahzel! After the Champs, on Sunday Nov 6th, stick around for a special afterparty to celebrate all the competitors, the winners, and the community! Thank you for your support!


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