Babestock Music Festival 2024

Ages 21+
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What is Babestock?

Babestock is an electronic music festival organized by BABE ATX (Bad Ass B*tches Elevating ATX): a femme and gender-expansive (GE) alliance remixing the narrative of DJ culture in Austin, TX. We turn tables and heads at local venues, provide DJ lessons, curate sonic playgrounds, and promote feminine and GE DJs’ events.

Babestock aims to empower and connect femme and gender-expansive electronic music artists and bring joy to attendees and participants (of any gender) through music, art, and workshops.

Babestock also is showcasing a diverse lineup of 50% or more BIPOC artists.


Is this festival only for women and gender-expansive folks?

No! This festival is open to anyone of any gender. Must be 21+


Why does this festival exist?

Festivals are a huge part of electronic music culture and DJ culture. Gender is one area that has a large effect on DJs/producers' festival opportunities. Currently, on average, male DJs disproportionately make up 73% of all electronic music festival lineups. Babestock was created to showcase our women, trans, gender-expansive, and BIPOC DJs and electronic music artists and work towards a more equitable music industry.

How much does Babestock cost? 

To make Babestock more accessible to the local music community, we have decided to make the festival DONATION-BASED only. We are grateful to the City of Austin, for the grant that made this festival possible. Thank you for supporting Babestock & we can’t wait to dance with you on June 15th and 16th!

Thank you so much for your support!

<3 The Babestock Team


*details subject to change


  1. Zebulun M
  2. Chris Y
  3. Ellen B
  4. Laura E
  5. Sebastian G