. Bedrock.LA , Los Angeles [Ages 21+]

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So...what is this festival all about?

BEDROCKtoberfest is the creation of Bedrock LA. For those very few of you who haven’t dropped by, we are a 40,000sf music services facility in the heart of Echo Park. Started five years ago, Bedrock has grown into the hub for East LA/Silverlake/Echo Park music with musicians coming from all directions. That’s about 2500 musicians a week.

This festival is an opportunity celebrate this community and neighbors by providing a memorable event. Held outdoors in our large parking lot area, the event hosts 1800 guests... watch last year.


MUSIC Stage. Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is leading us on our musical journey this year, bringing #BedrockFamily bands and influences along for the party. Nick loves and/or works with them all. Last year featured RZA from Wu Tang Clan as the headliner with Liam Finn, Twin Shadow+Wynn, and Vanaprasta lighting the stage just before the RZA blew it up.

MAGIC Stage. Just as last year the Academy of Magical Arts we will be featuring the best in magic performances from top artists at the Magic Castle. Last year featured Rob Zabrecky (yes, the one that was in Possum Dixon), Jon Armstrong and "David and Leeman" who you can actually see on this season of America’s Got Talent. 

HOSTed by flula. How is it possible that anyone can do an event with the word "o(c)ktoberfest" in it without flula. This is his festival as much flula's as it is Bedrock's. If you don't know him, we don't believe you. Watch and live for the first time. BOOM! 

VIP. Every been to those amazing food and wine events where you can go in for one price and taste and drink everything... yeah. that's what this is. VIP is the simplest word that we could come up with. Everyone is "very important," but its just the people that pay $50 get the special food and drink. If that's not your interest, $5 is all we need. Cheap, easy, fun.

SHOPS. all kinds of tents full of amazing stuff. Last year you could get whipped, get a ride, buy records and gold chains. Who knows what this year will bring?!?!?!

FOOD. remember that VIP thing from above? yeah... you can eat. $5 tix can partake in food a-la-carte.

BIERgartens! featuring a variety of Oktoberfest inspired creations. Prost!

  1. Julian L
  2. Robert A
  3. Alex E
  4. Mariana G
  5. Lily N
  6. Lindsay S
  7. Robert D
  8. Katrina G
  9. Kirill B
  10. Ramon M
  11. Erick L
  12. Mychal C
  13. Erick P
  14. Rhianna W