BogTroTTeR [San Diego]

Spin Nightclub , San Diego [All Ages]

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Synaptik Events and Mandapa Presents:


Bogtrotter holds true to his name, providing psychedelic swamp-hop to the masses. Focusing on deep liquid-laser textures, seamlessly colliding with heavy and hard hitting percussion, Bogtrotter has completed his evolution into a venomous, technologically powered force to be reckoned with.


Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space. This auditory entity was sequenced into the DNA of a mushroom spore, then propelled through time and space on a trajectory for Planet Earth. Upon arriving on our planet, the spore germinated in the form of Earth music, bringing its intricately coded information to us through precisely arranged sound and vibration. Representing the bio-mechanically fused organisms of its home world, Soulacybin balances deep, squishy realms of organic dub with digital, hyper-active percussion and slimy, stretchy basslines. Thriving on the nervous system of musician John LaBoone, Soulacybin is here to bring its yet-unknown alien message to lovers of deep, patient, thoughtful music.

An unidentified plant...the juice of which was an offering to the Gods, consumed by priests during sacrifice. Delivered to
Earth from the Heavens by an eagle. The deity Soma was the master of plants and healer of disease.


Datphat’s sexy, diverse sound that has been showcased in a rising number of venues across the San Diego area can be attributed to his love for a wide range of genres paired with an ear for melodies.


JMart is a multi-genre DJ/Music Producer spanning all the likes of psychedelic electronic bass music! He can get the party raging at a club, house party, after hours stage at festivals, and even those ultra squishy sunrise sets for the all night partiers

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