Air 1.5: Delivery: A-Kintero, Nico Kass & Carlos Chavez

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Air ≋, a collaborative effort among a cadre of close friends and veterans of the nightlife community who have come together to dream about a new, positive experience for the senses. We have all worked hard to bring you this full vision in an intimate, multilevel setting, with impeccable sound, breathtaking views, adventurous cuisine, health-promoting tonics, and invigorating treats. Join us on an immaculate rooftop in E. Williamsburg as we dine and watch the sun set over the skyline, all to our signature soundtrack of chill and downtempo beats featuring A-Kintero, Nico Kass and Carlos Chavez,
plus residents PJay + Bytz

Nourishing Dinner by Madhi Food & Secret Chef
Invigorating Herbal Tonics by Have a Nice Daisy
Superfood Sweets by Gnosis Chocolate & Space Grade Labs

  1. Aneela C