Dragonfly: Healing Arts and Music Festival

Organica Botanica , Davie [All Ages]

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In many other cultures (including Indigenous ones) around the world, the Dragonfly represents change and self-realization. 

We have gathered a beautiful group of healers, teachers, and musicians together to help all of us transcend and transform the energy of the last 12 months.  Come heal, connect and transform in this immersive experience.  


1) Door open at 3:00pm

2) Vinyasa Yoga with Gabriel Villaverde. Come take a Yoga class from one of Miamis's best yoga teachers.

3) Kundalini Yoga and Cacao with Camen Matta, Charla, and Victoria.

After sharing ceremonial Cacao these Sadhana warriors will take you into a deep state of commitment and connection with the divine.

4). Tai Chi with Carmen Matta with live singing bowls.

Learn how to flow and move your energy while being bathed in the sounds of crystal singing bowls.

5) Soundbath savasana with crystal singing bowls and 32 inches gong.

Join Carmen Matta and Justin Troupe and ride the waves of sound deep as we vibrate the heart.

6) Chill Time

7) Drumming and dancing.

Join Justin Troupe, Marcos Lucero, Carmen Matta, and Corey Chase for a rhythm that will move your feet and raise your vibration.

8) Kirtan with Mohini, Dharma Dhev and Vishu. Mohini: Harmonium and Vocals Dharma Dev: Percussion on Mridanga. Vishnu Ramankutty: Viola

9) Minerva and Shakti Kirtan from the Shiva Kriya Yoga will lead us through a Kirtan. 

10) Rain Bros with Carlos Rain and Carl Schmidt

12) Chris Orange.

13) Medicine music with Carmen Matta and Justin Troupe.

14) Medicine Music with Sound of Nilo.  Nilo will serenade us with Colombian guitar and soaring melodies.   

15) Medicine Music from Colombia with Sebastion Chavez.

Sebastion sings from deep in his heart and will share his original music along with his own renditions of beautiful medicine music.

We will have a Juice bar,  elixirs from shamanic tonic, and vegan food for sale.

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$40: before April 16th
$50: day of the event

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