elements w/ LTJ Bukem

Ages 19+
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Few dnb DJs have attained the cult status that LTJ Bukem has reached. His productions remain timeless and his dj sets speak to music fans across every genre. With an unparalleled selection packed full of exclusives, his sets are a joy for heads and newcomers alike.

Opening set by elements resident Lenore

18 Mark McNulty (The Rust Music | Mobile Output) NYC & Terraphorm (Fractaltribe | C:\tadel) Boston
25 Unglued (Hospital Records) UK + Transient (Haunted Science - Amsterdam) & Furious
02 Coco Bryce (Myor) NL
09 Break (Symmetry) UK
16 LTJ Bukem
23 Misha Freshin (InHabit) Dublin
30 Residents Lenore & Furious
06 Villem (Spearhead | Hospital | VLLM) UK
13 tba
20 Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren (Intrigue | Dispatch | Innerground) UK

elements | The Phoenix Landing
jungle, dnb & its various substrata
weekly since January 1999