Explorers: An Indo Warehouse Story

Ages 21+
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US$ 70 (incl. fees)
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On November 17th, Indo Warehouse invites you to discover our new world. We know you’ve been an Explorer your entire life. You aren’t afraid of the unknown. In fact, you revel in the forbidden. You are one of us.
We welcome all Explorers to fully immerse themselves in this special night of music, libations, and hidden wonders. Suspend all beliefs and dance with us.

Main Room:

Kahani vs Kunal Merchant

Living Room:

Rana Iravani

  • Phone cameras will be covered upon entry.
  • All black attire required to enter.
  • Limited capacity.
  • Tables: [email protected]
  • Venue will be announced to ticket holders the week of the event.



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  1. Monica L
  2. Krishna L
  3. Henry R
  4. Tanjila A
  5. Umang P
  6. Amy B
  7. Kesavchowdary A
  8. Tanisha R
  9. Yash T
  10. Tanishq B
  11. Nikita P
  12. Mumeen H
  13. Abhinav M
  14. Jaspal R
  15. Aditya R
  16. Zeshan M
  17. Zubair M
  18. Anamika P
  19. Krati M
  20. Kunal P