Undisclosed Location, Beverly Hills [Ages 21+]

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Come together at a beautiful private luxury mansion space, as we upgrade our knowledge and understanding of the powerful "Flow State" of conciousness. First we connect & learn, then we have fun & celebrate! 

Flow Life™ is designed to teach techniques and modalities for everyone to better access their Flow State of mind. Better tapping into flow will allow you to feel more alive and connected, while feeling less inhibited and isolated. Accessing Flow State on a routine basis will reprogram your brain for peak performance, enhanced creativity and overall freedom and joy in your daily life. 

"Learn to Flow without limits to Grow!"


This event will start the evening with a curated vegan or omnivore dinner, followed by fun and interactive workshops which will provide you with a better understanding of Flow State dynamics, underlying neuro-physiology and practical applications. We will provide a safe and guided space to better access this state, through variety of proven practices and modalities. This will also include guided demonstrations and interviews with facilitators who have been using Flow State to enhance their skill, talents, passions and furthering their careers.



SATURDAY (3/11/23)

6:00P - Doors open

6:30P - Meet & Greet 

7:00P - Dinner

7:30P - Authentic Connecting (Zoe Dane)

8:00P - Flow Breathwork (Megan Lee Joy)

8:30P - Flow Life™ Growth Dynamics (Dr. Magick)

9:00P - Flow Life™ Performances 

9:15P - Flow Life™ Self Love Practice (Lidsey & Magick)

9:30P - Flow Life™ Gratitude Circle

10:00P - DJ Ecstatic Dance & Live Violin + Drums 

10P - Till - 🔥IGNITE❤️‍🔥Fire & Flow Dance Party - Free Flow Demos & Practices







We are gathering at a beautiful inspiring luxury mansion to feel good, learn, connect, dance and play all out. Join to upgrade yourself in understanding and skills in discovering a more powerful version of yourself for peak performance, enhanced creativity and overall happiness in your daily life. 


More Details:

- Complementary Vegan or Omnivore Dinner options will be served from 7:00P to 7:30P prior to the start of the program for all available staff & ticketed guests. If you like to join for dinner please arrive early. No food during event. Food may also be available for ticketed guests or for purchase after the workshops at 9:30PM. Thanks!

- Bring instruments, flow toys or beautiful costumes to have fun with and feel more alive. It's an amazing luxury space for photo as well. Please be mindful of space and your stuff. Please no items to be stored in the common spaces. 

- Our host has requested for no shoes in the house, so please wear shoes that are easy to take off. Thanks


What else to expect:


Flow Chucker (Kenton) & Madie Firefly, Jonny Walker, Alex, Lindsey, Margiflow, Kassidy (dance performance), Michaelangelo & Courtney


Steven Brundage


Matt Deifer (artist), Melissa (model), Pleasantly Disturbing (artist), Olivia (artist), Mat


Alex (artist), Romina, Nicole, Shannon, Alex K, Ana (models)


TK & Lindsey


Denise & Manny


Mario Roberts


Lucy, Lotus, Mikhael


Seth & Mashi




"All love starts with self-love. Let’s flow in love with ourselves first and then with other."

                                      - Magick✨Mike


Flow Life™ (Dr. Magick)

Dr. Magick Mike is the founder of Flow Tribe Global, a nonprofit community based organization, focused on overcoming fear and isolation by love and connection workshops and events. As a Medical Doctor, he has studied multiple alternative modalities within integrative medicine, including pranic healing, acupuncture and reiki. He earned an MD & MPH and attended UCLA for his residency & fellowship with the National Institutes of Health. He has had a successful medical & entrepreneurial career by continuing to follow his passions. 

His behavioral research and personal journey to fulfillment have focused on "Flow State Dynamics". His teachings focus on techniques and modalities that help one better access and understand the Flow State of mind and body for peak performance, joyful living and overall fulfillment. This sacred information on self discovery and embodiment is the foundation of the Flow Life™ program. IG @flowtribeglobal

Authentic Connecting (Zoë Dane)

Zoë Dane is a certified hypnotherapist, tantra yoga teacher and workshop facilitator here to help people live from the heart to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Her workshop will focus on authentic connection modalities and games that will help you open up and flow in conversation and connecting with self and others. IG: @zoedane

Flow Life™ Breathwork (Megan Lee Joy)

As a trauma informed somatic practitioner and mindfulness coach, Megan designs & develops innovative transformational experiences across platforms, age demographics and continents, and has supported humans around the world to awaken their spirit into self-love through media, meditation, movement, and music. As a founder and multi-disciplinary healer, the purpose of her projects have always been to expand consciousness by bringing people into new experiences and perspectives — in joy. IG: @meganleejoy

Flow Life™ Self Love (Lindsey Marie Barber)

Lindsey Marie is a certified relationship and legacy coach and transformational role play facilitator. She guides conscious professionals to build thriving romances that leave legacies of positive change on earth.

Taylor Kane - Shibari Rope Art

TK is the founder of Bond Intimate Shibari. Bond’s mission is making Shibari accessible as a tool to cultivate intimacy, trust, communication, vulnerability, and intentional touch for individuals new to Kink/BDSM play. TK has been practicing Shibari for 8 years and started Bond 4 years ago to sell rope, teach the practice, perform, and do private photo/video shoots. TK is based in Venice Beach. IG: @acroterps

Oscilla Sound Bed - Mario Roberts

Meet the founder of the sensory meditation bed, Mario Roberts, a lifetime researcher into ways to raise humanities vibration. The ultimate sensory meditation bed.

The sound bed allows us to slow down to take the time for our body and minds to become in sync again and activate our parasympathetic nervous system and allow our bodies and minds to have time to heal and regenerate.
Try a complimentary 15 min session and experience it for yourself.

Their mission is to enhance and evolve humanity to the next level of evolution, we do this by using the latest practices, behaviors and technology. IG: @7_universal_laws

 Crystal Shamanic Healer - Lotus

Lotus is an advanced Certified Crystal Shamanic healer for over 25 yrs, serving the Hawaiian islands with thousands of transformational crystal experiences, and recently LA. From celebs to animals and children her cathartic deep system guarantees massive breakthroughs! She is also a certified Feng Shui consultant, serving homes that have featured in Architectural Digest; she has been a raw vegan coach over 20 yrs and is also a Hot yoga and meditation instructor in Hawaii and LA. Lotus combines the inner and outer temples with sacred lifestyle shifts to create New Earth paradigm realities. IG: @alohalotuskauai



In our current pandemic journey, as the need for connection has become more potent, it calls us forward to emit positivity & empowerment into our lives. This period of isolation has also taken a significant toll on our ability to experience the Flow Arts that nourishes our senses and fuel our passions. Our intention is to bring more passion into our hearts by authentic connections and focus on love (self first & then others) to overcome fear, seperation and isolation.

As the world is finaly opening up, so is the time to add more of our love and connection to those around us. As such, we are creating an intentional space and community to give more people the freedom to empower themselves and ability to tap into a higher self. These event are intended to continue to flame the fire that lives deep within our hearts & expand us into a safe space of intimate connectivity, playfulness, dance and healing flow energy.



We will kindly request that if you attend our events, that you follow the FLOW TRIBE CODE OF CONDUCT in respect of our community:

- Please be mindful & respectful of the sacred space and people who want to experience connection & healing.

- Feel empowered to express your creativity & flow.

- Feel gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.

- Be conscious of your own health, drinking, substance, energy and flow.

- Think safety first for yourself & the container. All conduct must be consensual.

- Gift more than you take. Treat the space as your own. Leave no trace. 

- Shine like a star and have lots of fun! Thank you and we love you!

We always have videography and photographers at our events to capture all the beautiful Magic and we post on the Flow Tribe social media or post for events. If you don't like to be photographed, we respect, please let our staff know at the event, so we can address. Thank you!




In the early pandemic period of 2020, FLOW🔥TRIBE started organically as a community to help individuals overcome Fear and Isolation by Love and Connection events. Initially, silent disco headsets were used at some of our first events in May of 2020, where we danced and connected with one another in nature, while safely socially distancing. We were one of the first groups in the US, during the early pandemic lock down period to create dance, connection & meditation events, while utilizing the headset technology in safe nature spaces to bring so much needed healing to ourselves and our community.

Our evolution and growth have led to creation of a spiritual community with multiple conscious events that we all love, with focus on yoga, meditation, sound healing, authentic connection, live art, conscious movement, dance and live music; all the beautiful things that put us in the heart space and Flow State of mind.

Our previous events include the IGNITE🔥YOUR❤️‍🔥HEART FESTIVALIGNITE🔥MANSION EVENTS, IGNITE🔥AFTER BURNER @ W HOTEL, FLOW🔥TRIBE FESTIVAL WORKSHOPSFLOW🎧SILENT DISCO events like our FLOW🎧BEACH DANCE & FLOW🎧ON WHEELS series. Now, we like to bring more of this loving energy out to everyone else in the community, who could benefit from the beautiful knowledge gained from so much that has helped us during the pandemic and our growing journey together.

For more information on our upcoming events, please connect with us on IG: @FLOWTRIBEGLOBAL or Email us: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting us and We Love You!


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