Full Presents: Atish Open to Close

Ages 21+
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No tickets are currently available for this event.

Unfortunately, the event has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict with the venue. For ticket holders, we have 3 options:


1.   Ticket holders can use their tickets for this upcoming show: https://www.ticketfairy.com/event/MASK24FRIDAY - ATISH will be playing at his event.
2.  Ticket holders can use their tickets for the rooftop show at the same venue for the summer- we should be announcing the date in the next 2-3 weeks. We will grant each ticket holder an additional +1 for this event to say thank you for your patience and understanding.
3.   Ticket holders can have a full refund. 

  1. Grace K
  2. Patricia A
  3. Eduardo M
  4. Purav P