Kakun Syndicate Takeover

Saturday, 10 July 2021, 8:00pm

Barzarre - Beer, Spirits, Tacos, Hookah & Music , Wilmington [Ages 21+]

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The Emporium Live is proud to travel to Wilmington to bring to you the newly developed, Myrtle Beach bass collective, Kakun Syndicate!

It's members include-

Diphda - Resonates both the high spirits of house and the lows of electronic Bass Music, delivering a vibrant, ecstatic dance experience.

Moff Mang - Hailing from the coast of South Carolina, moffmang opens doorways to intrigue thru deep grooves and lush atmospheres. Weaving waves and frequencies to form new patterns. Blending electricity in hopes of glimpsing our origins.

Eartlyng - The accumulation and conception of multiple music projects over the span of roughly 14 years. Eartlyng is combining sounds from drum'n'bass, dubstep, and psy-trance

(special guest)

Karmic Pheonix -

We are also proud to have Wilmington locals bringing offerings to the event!

There will be Live painting brought to you by Nugget, and Bryant Stacy!

There will be live projection art experiences brought to you by Optic Vibrations, as well as Myrtle Beach local Jrod the Alien.

Resin art made by BohemianEdge!

The Kitchen will be turned into The Incognito Bar-Rito Remix!

We are so excited to bring this festival experience to you, and we hope you are just as excited to be there!

p.s. message us to find out how to get free tickets!