Members Only Presents: Sisyphos Takeover

Ages 21+
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Sisyphos Takeover

Members Only is super stoked to spend Thanksgiving weekend with you and reflect on all that we are thankful for. Seeing old and new faces to share these beautiful moments. We are proud to bring from the temples of BERLIN’S ravenous scene, SISYPHOS for a takeover in their debut to New York with much, much anticipation.

Their vibrancy shall be an unparalleled musical adventure ...

Follow the duckies dear friends

🦆 🦆

Follow them through the gates... In the tradition of SISYPHOS we will not announce the legendary lineup - what’s in store will exponentially do the trick.

Let the walls fill with sound and the floor penetrate with that dance all night. Release, this is YOUR marination station!

Event will sell out. Be mindful and get tickets ASAP. We will NOT have door sales.

Members Only is coming out of hibernation and we hope you are too! How we have missed you so. We are so thankful to have shared so many memories over the years and can’t wait to make more with you.

Friends, Community #SAVETHEDATE Saturday, Nov. 27- This is gonna exude everything members is, so do not miss it! 

We can't wait to Thanks & Give over that weekend with you.

Boom boom friends...Now here are the details:

// D & B Sound System \\

// Art installations \\

// Vendor Market \\

// Performance Artists \\

& always MORE

:: Brooklyn Undisclosed Location

:: 10pm to 6am

:: Pre-sale only , NO tickets @ the door

:: Limited capacity, family vibes

:: Ticket sales are FINAL No refund,

:: In case of cancellation due to COVID-19 your ticket will apply toward a later date event

:: VAX Proof Required (Card, Excelsior Pass/App, Healthcare within 14 days)

:: Coat Check Included

:: No Photos (In the moment vibe)

:: L I M I T E D || G I F T for the first 200 people ( Memorabilia of event collaboration)

What a weekend to Give, Thanks! 

Love dearly, 

🎩 Members Only 🎩

  1. Jasmin F
  2. Johannes M
  3. Marjan R
  4. Daryna V
  5. Matteo C
  6. Marius R
  7. Mohit S
  8. Maria V
  9. Sierra B
  10. Sydney G
  11. Dylan M
  12. Thomas B
  13. Georges A
  14. Calvin P
  15. Kara H
  16. Robert V
  17. Pietro T
  18. Cynthia L
  19. Roman R
  20. Joanna V