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NEXT LEVEL // A Virtual Reality Event


Be moved by awesome beats and experience the future in virtual and augmented reality all under one roof. One Love Fest, RACre8, Grateful Generation and LCL are pleased to present you with a brand new concept in events, with VR (virtual reality) & AR (augmented reality) demos, interactive art, live visuals by BrainHertz Productions, Funktion-One Sound, live performers & vendors.

Please join us at our brand new location Fais Do Do from 9p -4a.

/// MUSIC /// SOOHAN//

He has returned with his third full length album “SOOHAN- Global Gate 808.” His first two albums became an immediate internet sensation, garnering over 550K this year alone. The widespread popularity of both albums earned SOOHAN his first national tour and sets at 11 different music festivals in 2015, including sets at Camp Bisco, Infrasound Equinox, Great North a main stage set at Camp Question Mark’s Emissions West Coast Bass Festival. For 2016, he has already been confirmed for Sonic Bloom and Lucidity Festival.


The tracks on Global Gate 808 pay homage to the mighty 808 kick and utilize a unique and extensive sample selection that make SOOHAN’s work truly memorable. He takes us on a multi-faceted journey across the globe, pulling from the traditional music of various cultures and from the depths of our nostalgia. His unique sound sets him apart from many popular bass music acts, and has earned him a cult following across the US. Where else are you going to find trapped out Turkish folk music? Do yourself a favor and press play.


West Coast Bass Maker NICO LUMINOUS is on a mission. His unique brand of "Glitch-a-delic Soul Whomp" fuses Melodic progressions, futuristic sound design and organic elements into sexy bass rollers. His original DJ sets journey through all tempo ranges and styles from Psychedelic Trap, Sensual Luvstep and Bouncey Mid-tempo Wobble jams. Hiphop, Dancehall, R&B, and Dub play a major influence in the Luminous sound to keep it grounded while travelling deep into to the sonic soundscape of modern synths and drum machines. Incorporating Beat-boxering, live looping, and a multitude of other instruments, his performances make for an unforgettable experience. He integrates his uplifting lyrics, and his well developed keyboard and Conga playing and often throws in his custom effects pedal belt for a show like you've never seen or heard before.
Based in Los Angeles, however within the last year Nico has taken his music nationally and internationally blazing his trail nonstop at events worldwide. Consistently adding fresh tracks to his sets; he loves working with the crowd’s energy to create new sounds.


His vibrations bring mind stimulation and heart activation, in a fresh blend of synthetic and organic sound manipulation, with original, interesting arrangements and lush atmospheres – shaped by hard intricate beats, deep bass and spacey dub effects, with soulful harmonies and sexy melodies. Soulular is quality music for quality people.


A galactic journey into the stars with sonic vibrational compositions of electronic music hybrid with organic sounds. Utilizing a variety of control surfaces and performing several instruments. The evolving arts of Electronic Shamanism is my mission, whether it be on the dance floor, sacred ceremony, desert parties or festivals.

I want to engage the sacredness of all. Shapes, color, emotion, mind travel to infinity and beyond. I am imagining my dreams consciously and developing these worlds of sounds into cosmic compositions. In honor and gratitude to release these artistic creations into our reality.


BOSA stage Djs:

Stephan Jacobs, Liquorbox, Bounce House, King Felix, Vicious Eve and Nachtegaal

Light The Sky stage Djs:

Alex Iverson, Lou E. Bagels, Jackmore, Phynx & Prince Pheenix Wade

The Imagine Nation is a creative alliance of artists, builders, and doers. It's a borderless nation created to empower its creative citizens, & community.

For over a decade Alex Iverson has Astounded and Amazed countless crowds from Coast to Coast and internationally. He is a 2015 & 2016 Winner of the World Famous Magic Castle's Strolling Magic Competition. He’s brought his Award Winning impromptu act to some of the Premier Nightclubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Tokyo, Orlando, and Daytona Beach.

Alex is a multi award winning entertainer that has been featured on The Syfy Channel's Wizard Wars and appeared on Hawaii 5-0.

Alex has performed at literally hundreds of Corporate and Private Functions. He has performed for countless celebrities and has become a fixture in the Hollywood Nightlife. Alex custom tailors has act for nearly any type of event.

Madison Orange has been a fixture in the SoCal hoop & fire community for over a decade. She's the founder of the GoGo Hoop Dance Stars, a troop of over 20 professional performers. She's made her way to many cities coast to coast and has even taken her routine international, making it as far as Macao, China. She continues to inspire future generations of dancers by holding periodic performance hoop intensives.






/// VISUALS ///


/// VENDORS ///
We encourage our customers to express their individuality by emphasizing limited-edition and one-of-a-kind clothing that cannot be found anywhere else (even on our website!). Because of this, we’ve developed a large underground following of artists, musicians, festival producers and music fans. (You may even have a friend who wears a one-of-a-kind hat with our logo and the phrase “All Love” on the side!). We choose and create special items for each festival where we vend, taking into account the audience and venue. This also means that our displays change often, and are likely to be different at each visit to the booth.

Festival-goers of all ages stop by Light Sound Dimension’s booth for a unique experience. We emphasize good vibes and always seek to elevate the energy wherever we vend. For fun late-night shopping, we like to stay open very late into the evening. We are also happy to answer questions about the artwork and crystals. Depending on particular circumstances, our booth may even include live airbrushing or glow poi performance.

Raising the vibration with the help of the mineral kingdom

Fractalista Designs is the laser-guided creation of San Diego-based designer, Andrea Towns. Custom laser etching.

One vibe, one tribe, one family.
Exploring the dimensions of our collective conscious through light, sound, and love.

Cutting edge fashion created by the Cosmic Soul Tribe and intended for intergalactic time travel.


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