Playa Playground Festival

Ages 21+
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After 3am Arrival Pass
US$ 102.60 (incl. fees)

Playa Playground Afterhours ticket grants access to the festival grounds from 3 am - 8 am. Any entry before that will not be permitted.

Playa Tier 3
US$ 245.03 (incl. fees)

Playa Playground Festival @ AREA15 Las Vegas, Nevada

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Tier 3: Price increase coming soon!

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Playa Playground will be an immersive and interactive sensory experience, unlike anything Las Vegas has to offer. The New Year’s festival will span across 3 venues within AREA15 featuring 5 different playa-style Sound Camps, 6 art car stages, interactive art installations, food trucks, games, carnival rides, and a myriad of other entertaining attractions. The overarching vision for the event is to bring the famed Playa to a new venue for AREA15’s first official New Year’s party. 

The Grounds: The main attraction of the event will be nearly 4 acres of full Playa-themed festival grounds which will include Sounds Camps, top music talent, Art Cars, and art installations, carnival rides, and many other attractions that will create an unforgettable and magical occasion that welcomes everyone back to their Playa home. Guests will have the ability to move freely from camp to camp to enjoy everything that the Playa Playground offers and provide a sensory wonderland that gives endless entertainment options.

The Portal: Outfitted with 360-degree projection mapping, luxurious curtains, and a sophisticated audiovisual package, The Portal will allow festival-goers the ability to escape into a themed party with live and electronic music acts, forward-thinking bass music, and an immersive art stage that is far from ordinary. 

 A LOT: Going beyond the grounds, the A LOT will feature a technologically advanced stage production with a plethora of lasers, props, live painters, and immersive actors to cater to the event’s overall Playa theme.


Shuttles : The option to add-on a shuttle package will be on the following page once you have chosen your entry pass.

If you have already purchased your entry ticket and now want to add the shuttle package on, log back into your Ticket Fairy account, click My Tickets, Details for your Playa Playground ticket, and Choose, Get Add-on. This will take you to the page to purchase the shuttle pass.

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