. Undisclosed Location, Los Angeles [All Ages]

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This year's theme at Burning Man 2020 is The Multiverse. We invite you to embark on this journey with us in support of our collective gift out of Los Angeles, CA The Kazbah. Our mission is clear and the work starts now with our first fundraising event of the new year. Please arrive early and stay late for this grand reunion at a brand new location to us in DTLA (Location announced day of at 5pm)

In command of the pyramid: Doc Martin, Kazbah Residents Ali, Dusty Carter, Papa Lu and a very special surprise guest.

Pre-Sales ONLY event: We’ve been blessed with incredible support by our local family in Los Angeles, CA. Due to the repeat occurrence of selling out our fundraisers this event will be a PRE-SALES ONLY event.

Risk Free advance purchase: Ticket Fairy's official Resale System can be used to safely and securely sell unwanted tickets to our fundraisers.

Improvements: We always strive to level up at every opportunity. With the insane demand of the last fundraiser our Pre-Sale only efforts are in place to mitigate stress and streamline the experience at the door. We’ve also made some additions to the restrooms, staff, massage therapist, vendors, live art and some very exciting production surprises are in store for this big launch into our 2020 fundraising season.

Giving Back:
With bringing people together through the common thread of music comes a great responsibility. As a 501c3 Non Profit our mission is to use our project to further the potential of our vibrant community and raise funds for local causes. 10% of our fundraiser proceeds goes into a fund to take such action so please reach out at Kazbah.org/giveback to join our team of activists.Thank you for your support so we can continue to grow together and push the envelope of Music, Art, Experience and the true power of Community ♥

21+ Event

  1. Rick S
  2. Darren B
  3. Shalley D
  4. Daniella L
  5. Maria Karmina V
  6. Emily B
  7. Nader S
  8. Kathryn K
  9. Abdul A
  10. Amanie A
  11. Jordan R
  12. Brandon R
  13. Shelby S
  14. Alon S
  15. Chris A
  16. Ana I
  17. Abraham S
  18. Yavuz C
  19. Xia R
  20. Ahmad R