Satori 10 Hour Set

Ages 21+
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weather update!


Event will be indoors

99 Scott Avenue

2pm -12am

Early arrival tickets will be honored one hour later 

History comes to Brooklyn 9/10/23





On Sunday September 10th history comes to New York.

SATORI will be performing his legendary 10 hour set.


Outdoors.  Open Air.  Day into Night.


He has chosen New York to be the first city outside of his native Netherlands for this epic musical adventure.


Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity.





  1. Onnik M
  2. Tiffany W
  3. Rekha P
  4. Frances S
  5. Mor N
  6. Paula O
  7. Stevie F
  9. Natalie G
  10. Vanessa K
  11. Giovanni V
  12. Yana K
  13. Murilo M
  14. Sara K
  15. Calvin W
  16. Ali F
  17. Tommy T
  18. Madison W
  19. Giorgos L
  20. Alex B