Serenity Gathering 2019

. Woodward Reservoir Regional Park , Oakdale [Ages 1+]

Unity Pack (Bundle Of 4 Tickets)
US$ 185 (excl. Fees)
3-Day GA - Tier 2
Sold Out
3-Day GA - Tier 3
US$ 245 (excl. Fees)
3 Day - Youth (12-17)
US$ 85 (excl. Fees)
3 Day - Youth (12 & Under)
Thursday Early Entry
US$ 50 (excl. Fees)
Friday Only Pass
US$ 85 (excl. Fees)
Saturday Only Pass
US$ 85 (excl. Fees)
Sunday Only Pass
US$ 70 (excl. Fees)
Saturday & Sunday Only Pass
US$ 140 (excl. Fees)
US$ 25 (excl. Fees)
Car Camping
US$ 125 (excl. Fees)
Small Rv Camping
US$ 180 (excl. Fees)
Large Rv Camping
US$ 205 (excl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

Serenity Gathering April 26-28, 2019
Woodward Reservoir - Oakdale, CA

Serenity is a 3 day experience of art, music and open-air education. Diverse musical lineups, innovative artists, immersive stages, experiential art and natural environments invite you to escape your day-to-day and find your Serenity. 

Music Lineup:
TroyBoi, Kill the Noise, Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, Medasin, UZ, Blunts & Blondes, Calyx & Teebee, Caspa, Crizzly, Dirt Monkey, Minnesota, Thieves, Andreilien, Bailo, DMVU, Hydraulix, Jon1st & Shield (live) Kaminanda, Maddy O'Neal, NastyNasty, Reid Speed, Sam Binga B2B Halogenix, Slimez, Stickybuds, SubDocta, Yheti (sunrise set) & many more!

We are growing into our home in 2019 with an updated site plan, abundant amenities and fresh, clean drinking water and participant safety at the forefront of our planning.

With more exciting announcements on the way, Serenity Gathering 2019 is an opportunity to escape, recharge and rediscover with:

Immersive Environments
Art Galleries
Interactive Games
Luxurious Chill Spaces
Art Cars
Open Air Education


  1. Bradley P
  2. Ivan S
  3. Gary J
  4. Alejandra L
  5. Sky S
  6. Tommy R
  7. Kolby C
  8. Julissa E
  9. Aaron G
  10. Konstantin S
  11. Mitchell K
  12. Raquel J
  13. Samantha M
  14. Abby A
  15. Laura R
  16. Christina D
  17. Zachariah P
  18. Satya B