Solid Gold Jacuzzi - How Weird Street Fair Fundraiser

Ages 21+
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Yes, it's as exciting, glamorous, life changing, mind melting, panty dropping, head exploding, heart pounding, fucking Awesome as it's sounds. We've done The Love Parade, we've done Monarch, we've done New Years (with an actual golden hot tub inside the club no less), and now we're just about to unleash a multi level stage at SuperHero Street Fair. Help us raise funds to take over SF's beloved How Weird Street Fair in May, with a wild blowout on November 12th at The Great Northern, the likes of which mere mortals have never seen!

Full golden decor? Check.
State of the art golden Void soundsystem? Check.
Body painting? Check.
Facepainting? Check.
Amazing aeralists and performers? Check.
STACKED line up? Check.


Tickets on sale now!!

  1. Brenda S