ZERO Presents... 10 year anniversary summer kick off Part II

. Super Secret outdoor Brooklyn Venue , Brooklyn [Ages 21+]

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Our 10 year anniversary summer kicks off continues at a super secret outdoor venue

10pm- 3am

Special Guest Artists

Well... it has been 10 incredible years of ZERO. The highest of highs and sometimes the lowest of lows. Endless warehouses until the dawn courtyard sunrise, epic boat sunsets, friendship, camaraderie, memories, new loves found, new tribes formed, new families started, new directions discovered. And hard times too, we have lost some dear friends along the way, the pandemic devastated our industry and took our beloved Mr. H and his unforgettable Grand Prospect Hall.


Through it all we are still here.


10 years is a decade. 10 years is an accomplishment.


And we plan to do what ZERO does best:





  1. Enkay N
  2. Sara M
  3. Omar A
  4. Lucius D
  5. Kimmia S
  6. Sebastien L
  7. Mahshad A
  8. Osama D
  9. Julia K
  10. Karim Y
  11. Victoria D
  12. Kelly M
  13. Heike M
  14. Max W
  15. Diane D
  16. Ali F
  17. Andrea T
  18. Vivienne W
  19. Sam P