SUNANDBASS 2020 - Beyond Beaches

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Beyond Beaches Wristband
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The campaign goal has not been reached.

Sales for this event are closed.

Thank you so much for showing up, as it implies that you carry SUNANDBASS close to your heart! 

As you know by now, the 2020 edition of SUNANDBASS cannot happen in its usual form as physical event due to the ongoing pandemic - still our aim is to bring the community together this September via an exclusive virtual “SUNANDBASS Beyond Beaches“!

To support this project, the organization, its connected artists and ultimately our community you can simply purchase the official SUNANDBASS 2020 wristband, our classic, quintessential and highly beloved festie-accessory by TIP'N'SLIDE.

TIP'N'SLIDE means the price for the 2020 wristband will gradually decrease ("slide") the more wristbands are sold ("tipping" points) - irrespective of you being first or last in line, therefore your tickets can become cheaper, but only until 5th of June 2020, 22 h CEST.

The initial price for the 2020 wristband is €75, the current price is shown in the box on the left. With your registration we will pre-authorize the amount of the current price on your credit or debit card. Once the price is set we will confirm your purchase via email and charge your credit or debit card with the final amount - or cancel the previous authorization in case we didn’t attract our minimum target of supporters (800).

Please continue to spread the word, and grazie mille big time for your ongoing trust in us! 

For more info, please visit our website FAQ here or hit us with questions at [email protected].