Light Leaks presented by Thousand Deep

Thank you for an incredible 50-days of Light Leaks <3 

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Follow the call of the disco ball they say. Well, buckle up - we're headed to a Brooklyn galaxy filled with disco balls and lights.

By artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan, Light Leaks is an immersive art experience where visitors can escape into a seemingly infinite space created by patterns from millions of lights and a gigantic cluster of glistening disco balls.

The experience only lasts from now until August 19 at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn (445 Albee Square W, 1st floor across from Joybird store).

Tickets are just $10 and moving fast! Don't miss this chance to see it before it disappears. As seen on TimeOut (#2 best thing to do), Thrillist & more.

We offer flexible time entry. Reserve a day below, and you can come anytime that day when we're open (11a-9p). All ages (kids 3 and under are free). 

We're also showcasing a disco-ball-inspired gallery outside of the main room, filled with sculptures and designs by Kiichiro Adachi, Julia Walck, and Nick Oudsema.

See you soon, citizen of planet disco.

- Thousand Deep

For questions, group / private showings, or rescheduling, email [email protected]

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