ZERO Presents... Kater Blau JWD #5

Undisclosed Location, Brooklyn
Ages 21+
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The Katz Are Back...  



Same Krazy Line-Up, 2 Different Nights


Saturday, Oct 7th:  Secret Warehouse Edition
3 Stages, 2 Indoors & 1 Outdoor
6pm- 4am
Bushwick, Brooklyn
(4am- late after party invite for ticketholders)


Sunday, Oct 8th:  House of Yes
3 Stage Takeover Edition
10:30pm- 4:30am



KATER BLAU (JWD) is the best party vibe of the year, as Berlin's finest and ZERO vibes collide into something beyond words


Celebrate the long weekend bank holiday Sunday night for the first ever
ZERO x KATER takeover at the




The level and quality of music is going to change your life.

Full Line-up each night


(in no particular order)

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We think it is fair to say the world has finally caught on to what we at ZERO have known for a long time...

Mira is the best!

A 20+ year career behind the decks, always innovating, always staying true and honest, always dedicated, hard-working, always innovating and operating with integrity... quietly building a global following one perfect set at a time.

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A fine young gentleman & producer from Berlin. Quiet & soft-spoken, Chris Schwarzwälder's music is anything but, hypnotic grooves that connect deep within that bring a sense of glowing euphoria.

We have really enjoyed sharing Chris'music & live sets with you, and we are looking forward to even more big things ahead!

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It is impossible not to love... MIMI LOVE

Mimi creates an undeniable vibe, she lights up the smiles in a room like nobody's business. With Mimi behind the decks, the room fills to the brim with love and everyone knows it, the music is levitating, and only the best of the best times are to be had.

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As one of the industry's rising stars, Sarah Wild's trajectory is marked by authenticity and a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence. Her music is a testament to her rare and unwavering commitment to creating an extraordinary auditory experience. Witness the magic unfold, for in the hands of Sarah Wild, music becomes an art form that touches the soul and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to listen.

Sarah Kreis:
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Soundcloud:    Instagram:

In the heart of Berlin's thriving electronic music scene, Caleesi and Sarah Kreis stand as formidable pillars, shaping the city's auditory landscape. Caleesi, renowned for her ethereal soundscapes, and Sarah Kreis, the pulse-pounding rhythmic force, unite their talents to create a mesmerizing and genre-defying musical journey.

As a duo, their performances transcend boundaries, blending ambient tones with infectious beats to craft a truly unique and immersive experience that captivates audiences and elevates Berlin's reputation as a mecca for electronic music. Beyond their musical prowess, they are passionate advocates for inclusivity and emerging talent, ensuring that Berlin's underground scene remains vibrant and diverse. Caleesi and Sarah Kreis, in their sonic exploration, are architects of a new Berlin sound, inviting all to join them on an exhilarating sonic adventure.

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All we can say is... Jake the Rapper is the man.

Bronx born, Berlin based Jake the Rapper is a master. Decades of dedication to music, a personality matched by no other, and smooth natural style culminate in a very rare artist and musical experience. Prepare to fall in love.

One of the Earth's finest homo sapiens, Jake the Rapper is a man of mythic proportions.  Kind, hilarious, deeply passionate and dedicated, with a sense of human and a presence of being that is beyond joy... it is bliss. 

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A true perfectionist, Daniel has traveled the world in search of the deepest roots of music and matched his geographical education with a deep study of the nature of the art, which is reflected in the breadth and integrity of his sets. 

An extremely humble and gracious human being, Daniel Cowel has built an international name for himself with his ZERO residency opening sets, carefully warming rooms and crafting slow boiling vibes, each set individually handled with delicate care and respect.

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Enter Lovecraft: a live act and DJ revered for melding the vibrant soul of house music with the raw intensity of live guitar. A cornerstone of the iconic ZERO community, Lovecraft is a musical alchemist who crafts sonic spells that defy genre labels.

With a top-1 release under the ZERO label, Lovecraft has carved his own lane, bringing an element of mystique that seduces your senses while his beats steal your inhibitions. This is music not just to be heard, but to be felt—emotionally stirring, irresistibly danceable, and endlessly enigmatic.

Today, Lovecraft stands as an embodiment of New York's diverse musical landscape, his sets captivating crowds from Burning Man to Ibiza, Lightning In A Bottle to Kater Blau. In a city that never sleeps, Lovecraft provides the soundtrack for those magical moments when life feels like a dream.


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As passion driven as they come, Franca is appreciated around the globe for her energetic, creative and groove-driven DJ sets. Playing on the fringes of techno and house, she is as tight on the controls as she is playful in her storytelling. Her unique ability to feel the audience, space and time, carefully capturing and then guiding the energy of the dance floor with focus and dedication, is one of her true trade- marks.

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“ọba” means “king” in Yoruba, Idris’s mother’s first language, and “flip” references the flip phone Stella still carried when they met— They bring their disparate lived experiences together to create hard-driving eclectic sets punctuated by space and groove. Unafraid to mix genres within the electronic sphere, their sound is refreshing, with every set being wide-ranging while also matching and elevating the energy of the room, all of which is reflected in their rising star status in New York & beyond.

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When you hear creeping high hats, hypnotic beats and a pop of acid, chances are you‘re hearing Britta Arnold from the console of her musical spaceship. Straightforward and distinctively poised, her unique blend of beats makes for a milkshake of cosmic potency.

For this elegant fire red, her pledge to break norms and find the hottest music on the block has gained her quite the following and opened up a fantastic world of people, places and special moments.

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Sven Dohse, a true luminary in the world of electronic music, stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity and innovation. With a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, he has masterfully traversed the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, pioneering sounds that resonate with both the old guard and the new generation of enthusiasts.

Dohse's artistry can be likened to a musical voyage, where he weaves together diverse genres and rhythms into immersive narratives that take audiences on unforgettable journeys. His performances are nothing short of legendary, characterized by an innate ability to read crowds and curate sets that leave an indelible mark. Sven Dohse's influence extends far beyond the DJ booth; he has played a pivotal role in shaping the Berlin underground scene and continues to inspire and mentor emerging talents. In an industry defined by innovation and evolution, Sven Dohse remains a timeless icon, a living testament to the enduring magic of electronic music.


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Borzu has been an underground house music DJ for almost 2 decades now, known for his DJ residencies at the Disco Knights Burning Man camp, Zero in NY, the legendary Hacienda/DeepBlue parties in SF and the All Day I Dream Festival and park events, which he also helps produce and plays alongside some of the biggest renowned artists.

For Bo, DJing is not a concert, its about making people dance and having fun, so you can expect some high-energy music with groovy ass bass-lines and percussions and a little weird sprinkled on top instructed to tickle your mind until dawn. Check out his SoundCloud for a taste of what's to come.


“The journey may be long,
The path is never wrong.
Beauty rises, inspiration moves
The senses to create magical hues
Of music, movement, and love,
Guided from within and above.” - Violetta


This verse summarizes Violetta’s path to playing music. Surrounded by talented musicians, DJ’s and performers from early adulthood, Violetta was always fascinated by a human’s ability to inspire and move the senses of oneself, as well as others, through musical creation… whatever the genre or instrument. Motivated by many musical experiences where Violetta was a participant, an observer, or a curator, combined with inspiration from her family and collective at Pynk, the natural progression was to embrace performing herself. Violetta gravitates toward deeper beats, intertwined with instrumentals, soft vocals, and sounds from different cultures.

Welcome to the best party of the year...

Your attendance is desired. 

Be prepared

Oct 7th:  Secret Warehouse Edition
3 Stages, 2 Indoors & 1 Outdoor
6pm- 4am
Bushwick, Brooklyn
(4am- late after party invite for ticketholders)

Oct 8th:  House of Yes
3 Stage Takeover Edition
10:30pm- 4:30am, House of Yes, Brooklyn

  1. Amandine C
  2. Matteo C
  3. Natalie G
  4. Susan S
  5. Brenda S
  6. Ian S
  7. Ali F
  8. Manuela S
  9. Philip C
  10. Spencer Z
  11. Giovanni V
  12. Cagatay B
  13. Ohad S
  14. Danielle R
  15. Elias C
  16. Tomer P
  17. Armin G
  18. A P
  19. David S
  20. Jimmy S