ZERO Presents... The Masquerade

Undisclosed Location, Brooklyn [Ages 21+]

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Tickets Of Trust
US$ 39.60 (incl. Fees)

Tickets of Trust are for our loyal ZERO community.  


Discounted price tickets allowing anytime entry.  


Tickets of Trust as thus titled because we have not announced the line-up at time of release. 

** Entry Before 11pm Only **
US$ 44 (incl. Fees)

** Entry Before 11pm Only **  Means you MUST enter before 11pm or else pay the full price difference between ticket and final release. 


Entry before 11pm ONLY. 



Early Bird
US$ 49.50 (incl. Fees)

Earlybird tickets are for anytime entry - discounted ticket price for early commitment

US$ 68.20 (incl. Fees)

Masquerader is an ANYTIME entry

Masquerader 2nd Release
US$ 78.10 (incl. Fees)

Masquerader 2nd Release is an anytime entry

Late Owl
US$ 93.50 (incl. Fees)

Late Owl is an anytime arrival.  You had better hurry- ticket supplies are very limited!

Back Stage + Open Bar
US$ 267.05 (incl. Fees)

Back stage access + private access bathrooms + expedited entry + open bar (only at back stage bars)   - 


Stage access limited to legal capacity, wristband does not guarantee stage access if stage is at legal capacity- discretion to security and stage manager

The Masquerade Returns...   Spring 2023

One of New York's most beloved events returns Spring 2023 with The Masquerade. 

A multi-stage warehouse experience featuring 3 stages of music, performances, art, surprises & more

None without a Mask shall be allowed to pass: Masquerade Masks Required

21+ / Rain or Shine / Tickets Non-Refundable


A limited number of tables are available:  [email protected]

  1. Mary L
  2. Maja M
  3. Joe M
  4. Michael A
  5. Elias C
  6. Guy J
  7. Anne N
  8. Svitlana F
  9. Emily K
  10. Hesameddin A
  11. Roshan P
  12. Walter G
  13. Julie P
  14. Michael T
  15. Xenia S
  16. Shawn M
  17. Marissa E
  18. Dino H
  19. Olessya K
  20. Yaron V