Apple TV+ ‘Severance’ Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Harmony faced consequences, a glimpse into the refiners’ outie’s lives, an employee kissed another and a waffle party! The eighth episode of the Apple TV Plus series ‘Severance’ left us with a major cliffhanger.

The episode opened with a look at Irving’s outie, who we know has a dog and Irving seems to… paint, a lot. At Lumon, MDR is waiting for Helly to make it to 100% to complete the tasks of this quarter. And when she does, MDR has a pre-waffle party. Mark decides Dylan would wait for the “waffle” party, which the latter has been talking about since the first episode. It is NOT what you think it is. Elsewhere, Mr. Milchick ends the pre-waffle party and escorts Harmony out to the stairwell.


The MDR decides Dylan would be one to wake their outies up when he is given the chance to attend the waffle party. Harmony offers Mark one last wellness check before Ms. Casey is fired. There, Mark offers hope to Ms. Casey by suggesting to her that there could be something done to help her. Harmony and Mr. Milchick watch the two on a computer as they connect with one another.

Mr. Milchick is then asked by Harmony to take Ms. Casey to the “testing floor”, which is a pitch-black hallway leading to an elevator. We don’t get a look at neither Ms. Casey nor the testing room once she enters it. At the same time, the Board fires Harmony. For the first time, we listened to their voice via a speaker although the intermediary was present in the room. Harmony is devastated, as the Board learns of Helly’s innie’s suicide attempt, and that Harmony spends time at Mark’s sister – Devon’s house.

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Helly tells Dylan that she wants to stay back and use the overtime contingency in the security room to wake the outies, but Dylan stands firm. He sneaks out of the waffle party to the security after memorizing the instructions to use the overtime contingency.

Before the innies head out to the elevator to transition into their outies, Mark tells both Helly and Irving that when they “wake up” due to the overtime contingency, they might be around people or in public. When they “wake up” they must reveal the horrors of Lumon to those around them. And just before Helly leaves, she steps out of the elevator to kiss Mark just in case they don’t return. It would be interesting to see how they will react once they find out the truth (if it is revealed in the finale).

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In each episode, we are reminded of how much of a bad idea the fictional “severance” procedure is. Before leaving, Helly wonders whether they will meet their spouses and “what if we are each other’s?”

Once outside of Lumon, we see Mark knock at his neighbor “Selvig’s” (Harmony’s) door, who was having a breakdown due to her being fired by Lumon. Marks asks whether she would still be attending “the thing” at Devon’s home. At his sister’s home, Mark tells Devon he has to talk to her about a life-changing decision which Harmony as Selvig overhears. She questions her neighbor what was that about what he reveals was about him talking to his sister about quitting his job at Lumon.

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At the same time, Dylan attempts to use the overtime contingency. We get a quick glimpse at outies Helly, Irving and Mark. Harmony embraced Mark in the final shots while Irving was painting as we mentioned earlier. What he was painting definitely shocked us – the pitch-black hallway leading to the elevator to the testing floor we saw Ms. Casey heading to. And it’s not just one painting, we are talking about a room full of them! It’s like all he does outside of work is paint those hallways to the elevator.

Does Irving’s outie have some memories about what happened at Lumon? Or does he somehow remember this specific information about Lumon? This revelation was jaw-dropping since, from what we’ve witnessed so far, the “severed” employees don’t even recognize their coworkers outside of work – let alone their work, other departments or the “testing floor”.

This episode didn’t reveal as much as we expected it to, but things are looking good! We are looking forward to the season finale which airs next week only on Apple TV Plus.


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