Hideaway, Goa: Live Music and Great Food on the Beach

For some of us, nothing sounds better than a place that goes seamlessly from being a daytime cafe to a bar & performance space, to mark the turn of the evening in a manner that promises to entertain.

One of the most striking venues in Goa, India, that comes to mind can be found nestled in Vagator, a prime beach location in the country’s quick-becoming party capital. At Hideaway, patrons are guaranteed to find entertainment and an ambience fitting to the time of day.

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One of the highlights of Hideaway’s offered experience is the impressive list of previous performers. The venue takes its live music experience seriously, coming to be known as one of the go-to places to discover new talent. You can enjoy a musical night with brilliant local and continental cuisine indoors, or outdoors under the moonlight.

Hideaway has featured artists from across the realms of jazz, electronic, folk, indie and rap, to name just a few! Their gleaming past set of featured artists include producer and singer Jitwam, indie musician Lifafa, the late MC Tod Fod, rapper HanuMankind and rapper, songwriter and producer Prabh Deep. Latin Grammy award winner Ivan Santos and his trio have also performed at Hideaway in November 2019.


You are guaranteed to find more than one tune on any given night that’ll stick with you as the highlight of your visit, all lain against a Goan night sky backdrop and an immaculate meal.

Hideaway offers a wide selection of smoothies, cocktails, whiskey, wine, and more. It is an intimate and comfortable place to hang out with friends. Eat, drink, play games or simply hang back and catch up with your friends all day, and let the night turn into one of music and dance to wrap up your experience at Hideaway.

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Don’t hesitate to visit even if you’re alone! You can read, enjoy live music, or attend a workshop! The staff is an energetic and friendly bunch that will set you up with anything you need, guaranteeing an experience that will truly be your own. And if you’re worried about the rains, don’t be! Hideaway has a monsoon set-up too.

Drinks on the menu include The Afterglow, Primavera, The Riverdale, Negroni, Nights in Tropicale, and Pisco Sour. You can try Avacado Topicale, Mango Coco Turmeric, or Sweet Southern Turmeric smoothies. The breakfast menu includes flavorful food such as Mulled Plum & Camembert Bagel, Breakfast Tacos with mango and pineapple salsa, and Egg Bennies with chipotle hollandaise waffle. 


Apart from live music, Hideaway has also hosted poetry & fiction reading events, book signings, a photo print-making workshop, and a costume party, among other exciting activities. Breakfast and lunch are served from 12 PM to 4: 30 PM, while dinner and drinks are made available from 7 PM onwards. 

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