All You Need To Know About Dimension Festival 2023, New Zealand

One of Aotearoa’s premiere multi-day electronic music and arts festivals, Dimension, returns for its 2023 edition, nestled within the mountain ranges at 929 Waimatenui Road, Nukutawhiti, New Zealand. Kicking off on February 3, the 72-hour music extravaganza will include over 120 international and local artists, including musicians, live performers, a market for all your rave necessities, and workshops as well. Electronic artists such as Airi, ICU, Contrast, Zeridium, Jake Rattler, Miss Molly, Sonic Climax, Kenzo, Tree Walker, and many more will be on deck spinning psytrance, progressive, drum & bass, house, and techno beats! Get your tickets to Dimension 2023 now from the Ticket Fairy.

This year’s Dimension Festival will boast three stages, each showcasing different genres of electronic music. The Main Stage will feature Felix Ando aka Airi, Coor ‘Contrast’ Steed, Nikki S, Zeridium, Luke Cabrol aka Tree Walker, Virtual Illusion, and Renegade DJ, among others. It will center on psytrance, techno, and progressive music.

Set Timings, Image via Dimensions Festival on Facebook
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The Drop Zone stage will offer attendees a mashup of dubstep, reggae, jungle, breakbeat, and liquid DnB. Occupying ninety-minute slots at the Drop Zone Stage will be Average K, Ashez, MC Rolex, duo Mish & Green, Paige Julia, Kenzo, and Fox Glove, to list a few.

Meraki artists will take over the Zen Den Stage with their deep, organic, melodic, and progressive house sounds. Byte Size, DJ Donna-Marie, Hen Kalish aka Sho’vaav, Andres Eichenbaum, Divinori Di Sun, and Jake Rattler are among the names announced.

Four days of continuous music will be complemented by a number of other attractions, such as extravagant decor spread across the venue, laser shows, fire performances, digital and visual artworks created by the top visual artists in the country, and other live attractions! Yoga and wellness-related workshops have also been arranged to benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

We looked through Instagram to compile some of the musicians’ comments on the upcoming festival. Here’s what they had to say!

“Finally, get to announce this, I’ll be playing on the Drop Zone at the Dimension festival doing a cheeky little daytime summer vibe Drum and Bass set. Last time I was at this festival was the moment I thought I’d really have a go at doing this whole DJ thing and had set a personal goal to be on that stage, so to have that within reach now is really special. What makes this even greater for me is that it’s going to be the same stage as so many of my favorite NZ DJs and producers, as well as some of my just general favorite people, to get to share and perform in this space with all of them is a real honor.”

Fox Glove via Instagram

“After almost 3 months of leaving my country, I have the immense happiness to announce my first date in New Zealand ❤️ I’ll be playing at this beautiful 4-day festival, featuring different genres such as jungle & dub, drum & bass, techno, and obviously lots of psytrance 🔥 I have a huge excitement to tell you that I will be sharing booth with artists who are great inspirations to me, to mix their tracks from my beginnings until now and who are nothing more and nothing less than Endeavour, Formantz, Nikki S and Zeridium 😍 Grateful for life and now not stopping.”

Virtual Illusion via Instagram (Translated from Spanish)

“So glad to be part of one of the most famous festivals in New Zealand. After just 3 years of having so many opportunities to share my passion for the music, I’m now on the lineup of this incredible festival. Thank you all for all the support and to be part of my amazing adventure here. I couldn’t be here without you all. Love you 😘”

Jo Bastianelli via Instagram

“Another opportunity to meet so many talented DJs from all around the world. What a pleasure! I love it! ❤️”

The Meloman via Instagram

“In less than 8 weeks, I’ll be heading to New Zealand for @dimensionfestivalnz ! My first time in NZ, first time at this festival, catching up with so many DJ friends from around the world. There’s a lot to look forward to! 💜”

Renegade DJ via Instagram

“So excited to be making my debut at @dimensionfestivalnz next year – you can catch me on the Drop Zone alongside some incredible artists 💜”

Kenzo via Instagram

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Artists Performing at Dimension Festival 2023: Di Sun |  Sho’vaav | Eichenbaum |  Contrast | Fox Glove | Nila | KenzoVirtual Illusion | Jo Bastianelli | Jake Rattler | Average K |  Renegade DJ | Airi | ICU | Tree Walker | Chromatone | Nikki S | Ashez | MC Rolex | Mish & Green | Paige Julia | Byte Size

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