TFword Premiere: RUEBIK x MR.0600 – Past Life

We’re stoked to premiere the New Zealand-based producer’s first single of the year, featuring his Kiwi compatriot Mr.0600.

Hailing from New Zealand, Ruebik is a drum & bass producer whose infectious style of music is spreading like wildfire. Ruebik’s path to drum and bass has been a windy one. Originally from South Africa, his first experience of playing to a crowd was as a drummer in a heavy metal band. Despite winning Battle of the Bands and the opportunity to pursue this genre, his love of electronic music began to take over, and there has been no looking back since.

After winning a competition held by Toocut and George FM for his track ‘Losing Myself,’ Ruebik caught the attention of record labels across the spectrum. His award-winning track was then signed by Onesevenfour Records, which they applauded as a “masterclass of production and uniqueness.”

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Ruebik’s powerful and euphoric drum & bass also translates seamlessly to his DJ sets. The prodigious producer’s commitment to his DJing craft has seen him make guest appearances on various radio station live mixes as well as supporting international artists such as Bou, Ben Snow, Terrence & Phillip, Millbrook, Just a Gent, Mt Eden, Blaine Stranger, Gray, Kelvin 373, and Crossy.

Bringing high-energy sets to his live performances, Ruebik surprises crowds with exciting chops and blends, varying from heavy dancefloor drum & bass to jump up, and even some neurofunk elements, keeping the crowd alive and on their toes drop to drop.

Making his mark steadily but efficiently, Ruebik’s quality over quantity approach has ensured that his tunes breathe and stake a claim in DJ sets. The New Zealand-based producer closed a highly successful 2022 with a stunning single featuring Michèle Ducray. He now begins the new year with another collaboration with his Kiwi compatriot Mr.0600, which we are stoked to premiere.

Starting with an intense and melodic intro, ‘Past Life’ approaches Mr.0600’s vocals before we are met with a drop, swarming with a solid bassline and infectious melodic hooks that Ruebik is making a style of his own.

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