Carolina Norbu Yearns for Warmth and Good Company Through New Single, ‘Rendezvous’

We spoke with North East India-based singer/songwriter Carolina Norbu about her latest single ‘Rendezvous,’ insight on her next EP, turning her love for poetry into songwriting, and more!

In an attempt to connect people with the warmth and goodness of summer, singer-songwriter Carolina Norbu has put her best foot forward to create ‘Rendezvous.’ A mellow track ladled with her soothing vocals and overt lyrics, ‘Rendezvous’ creates a brief space of solace for busybodies. “That’s the idea with which I approached Nabam Takar (the producer) for the arrangement of the song. I wanted the song to sound as organic as possible,” Carolina said, retracing the inspiration to create her latest offering.

Even with the vision and story in place, the instrumentals play a key part in the way ‘Rendezvous’ resonates, with Carolina and Nabam going back and forth until they figured out what captured the “light, warm, simple and organic” sound they were looking for. The released outcome hit the nail on the head, attaining Carolina’s desire to have a song that would give someone warm company in the summer. “Listeners have been kind! I am grateful that people liked it and the feelings of the song were received,” she exclaimed.

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Where ‘Rendezvous’ took on a brighter profile, Carolina has dabbled to establish a sound that caters to her lyricism through the release of her solo work as well as her collaborative projects. Since debuting in 2020 with the single ‘Fall,’ Carolina has gone on to release a series of tracks in the past few years, including her hit single ‘Last Lullaby‘ and a three-track EP ‘Chemistry.’ She has also frequently joined forces with a variety of artists, such as The Fortune, The Earflower Experiment, and more, throughout her musical journey. “Collaborations have helped me experiment and learn new things sonically from various artists. But now I am more inclined to concentrate towards the sound that defines me as an individual.”

Carolina plugged away with poetry prior to becoming a songstress, although she refrains from calling herself a professional poet or a versatile singer. “At best, what I do and want to do is express myself in words with melodies,” she explained. “I guess that’s the transition a songwriter has to go through to become a singer because we want to express the emotions of every word we write.”

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As she fiddles with her transformation, Carolina Norbu has accomplished many a feat as an independent artist from the North Eastern part of India, with her latest triumph coming in the form of a nomination at The Indian Music Diaries (TIMD) Awards 2022. It was history in the making, as it marked Carolina as the first-ever solo female artist from Arunachal Pradesh to acquire the spot. “It was an honour to be nominated amongst India’s great names of the independent music scene,” expressed the jubilant singer/songwriter. “It was humbling at the same time because indie music is yet to bloom exponentially in our country and I understand that I still have a long way to go. I remind myself that I shouldn’t become a “one hit wonder” from Arunachal Pradesh. But at the same time, it feels great to know that people across India connect to my songs and I want to reciprocate that by bringing more good music.”

While being a musician is still a part-time gig for Carolina, she takes time away from her daily schedule to contrive an EP, albeit slowly. “I am working on my next EP and all I can say for now is that the songs are personal for me, defining my music at best,” she said, teasing her upcoming project. “Releasing (music) takes a lot of brainstorming and planning for us independent musicians who do not have a big record label to back us up. So I am treading carefully and making my plans without haste in hopes that I deliver a quality product!”

Song Credits:
Written and performed by Carolina Norbu
Music produced by Takar Nabam
Drums by Aveleon Giles Vaz
Mixing and Mastering by Haggai Rongmei

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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