MEHR Releases New Self-Produced EP ‘A Shade of Blue I Mistook for Red’

Indian independent artist MEHR unshackles her latest musical venture ‘A Shade of Blue I Mistook for Red,’ a seven-track presentation that steers listeners into an emotional excursion seizing moments of vulnerability, rage, introspection, and acceptance.

Mehr Khurmi aka MEHR, presents a unique soundscape on her latest EP, blending elements of alternative, indie, rock, and pop music. ‘I Bleed Every March’ opens out the EP laced and with emphatic lyrics ladled over a pensive rock rhythm captured by MEHR’s vocals. Track three, ‘You Got Me,’ features steady guitar strumming and a catchy chorus hook.

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‘Tragedy of the Tragedies’ is a four-minute delicate melody with harmonizing vocals undertoned by crafty key work. The Delhi-based songwriter describes the single as “an ambient, romantic powerhouse of a song, an anthem for self-love and acceptance.” The EP also features MEHR’s earlier releases ‘Orchestrating My Blues,’ ‘I Could Be Anything You Want Me to Be‘ and the thought-provoking single ‘Sea Loves the Mountain Peak,’ all of which were dished out in 2023.

We got in touch with MEHR to learn more about the EP and its production, she says, “There was a lot of experimentation in terms of genres and sounds, all aimed at bringing the essence of songwriting to life. Most of the songs on the EP were written in less than 30 minutes, with a direct flow from brain to paper – sometimes even without the aid of an instrument.”

“Interestingly, the songs that were emotionally challenging to write ended up becoming my favorites to dance to after the production phase. Lately, I’ve found myself enjoying the mixing process as well, as it provides more control over the narrative I aim to convey.”

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Opening up about the track ‘Tragedy of the Tragedies,’ the artist notes that “A significant portion of the record delves into themes like ‘How could you ever love me?’ and ‘You shouldn’t have fallen for me,’ featuring apologies and confessions that boldly radiate raw emotion, this song encapsulates the initial step toward self-acceptance.” She continues, “This song holds a special place in my heart, serving as a poignant reminder of the hues of your past while warmly embracing the additional shades you’ve collected along your journey.”

The singer/songwriter and producer concluded our conversation by delving into ‘A Shade of Blue I Mistook for Red,’ mentioning, “I feel as though I’ve never penned a record that’s as strikingly brave and honest in its narrative. The process involved a significant amount of emotional exploration, spanning moments of tears, anger, hopelessness, and euphoria. I delved into memories long buried and fragments of emotions that I had assumed were unreachable due to the wounds they carried. Putting these experiences into words provided a sense of liberation from their weight.”

MEHR’s previous works include her nine-track album ‘songs i wrote on the bathroom floor‘ (2022) and widely praised singles ‘I’ll Find You,’ ‘I’ve Danced with the Devil‘ and ‘Waterfall.’ The singer-songwriter was also featured in India Music Diaries’ monthly compilation of indie releases (2021) and Rolling Stone India’s Fresh Indie Fridays (2021).

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